Sweden: Last Police Station in No-Go Zone Closes Down From Lack of Staff

Daily Stormer
June 21, 2017

Good news for people who have their cars set on fire, I guess

I think this is a good thing. The police are a racist, sexist, patriarchal hotbed of toxic masculinity, and removing them can only make things better for the poor, oppressed brown people in that area.


The last remaining station in the troubled Järva area will most likely have to close, police sources have said, due to lack of staff.

The police station in Kista is the only one still open in the Järva area, in which lie the suburbs of Rinkeby, Tensta, and Husby  — migrant-dominated neighbourhoods classed by Sweden’s National Police Operations Department (NOA) as “vulnerable”.

According to police sources, the move to close the station has already begun, and there are no plans for it to be reopened. Officers who work at Kista station will be moved to police headquarters in Solna.

They are vulnerable. Vulnerable to racism, that the police did to them on an hourly basis. Can you imagine a gang of Somalis exercising their human right of gang-raping a blonde 12-year-old girl, and some Swedish cop coming and telling them “Stop it, that ain’t nice”? Things like that can traumatize these poor defenseless creatures for life, which is the underlying cause for terrorism.

Leading terror researcher Magnus Ranstorp called the decision to close Kista’s police station a “disaster”, tweeting, “They should open four more instead!”

I can’t believe such hatred and bigotry still exists in current year. IT’S CURRENT YEAR, THEY’RE PEOPLE JUST LIKE US! BEACH BOY!!!!!!

Look how many Syrian children you filthy racists are killing

Approached for comment, Stockholm area regional police chief Ulf Johansson said he was not “fully up to date” with details regarding the station’s closure, but told SVT “the premises in Kista left a lot to be desired when it comes to the work environment”.

In March, plans to replace Rinkeby’s police station, which closed in 2014, were put on hold because construction companies feared for the safety of their workforce in the majority migrant suburb, which is notorious for gang and gun crime.

Yet more shocking racism. If people think an area is filled with gangs and crime, then of course that area is gonna be filled with gangs and crime. If someone told you to jump into a well over and over again, you’d obviously do it eventually.

Police officers, who wished to remain anonymous, slammed the move, saying it will have a negative effect on residents.

“It is terrible that we can’t be close to the citizens, and sad and shameful to move the police station,” a source told SVT.

Close to your victims, you mean.

It hurts to know that residents will not be able to get the help and support they need,” said a police source. “This station has been important to the area.”

Lamenting how police are “moving further and further away from citizens”, another source said it is a shame the station will be closed, noting: “Officers gained a lot of local knowledge working in Kista, and residents had confidence in us. We lose all that now.”

Just more racist lies. If anybody there needs help, they can always call in Captain Sweden, who unlike every other White person in the world, is not a racist.

Sweden needs Captain Sweden to survive