Sweden: Knifeman of Color Goes on Stabbing Spree in Gothenburg Center

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2018

Knifeman? Check.
Sweden? Check.
Police claiming that there’s no motive? Check.

My prediction: either a Moslem or a Japanese (I’m leaning more towards a Jap).

The Local:

A man stabbed one person close to a shopping centre in Gothenburg on Monday evening and threatened several others with a knife.

“The perpetrator was first involved in some kind of argument with several other people. After he stabbed one person with a knife, he got onto a tram where he acted threateningly and waved the knife around,” police press spokesperson Tommy Nyman told TT.

The driver of the tram refused to drive any further, and at that point the man got off the tram and went to the Nordstan mall, close to the city’s central station. There, he reportedly chased several customers with the knife, before police arrested him.

“We don’t know anything about the motive at the moment,” said Nyman. “We are speaking to witnesses and plaintiffs, so those who were chased.”

Police did not have any information about the condition of the injured person, but several Swedish media reported that the person was seriously hurt.

The perpetrator is suspected of attempted murder, threatening a public servant, and several cases of unlawful threats.