Sweden: “Humanitarian Superpower” Evicting Disabled People to House Invading Rapeugees

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2016



The Jew-run Left fronts as defenders of the little guy, but in practice they are institutional bullies whose sole motive is to inflict pain on everyone who has white skin – even the old and disabled.

They know blacks and Arabs are going to gang rape a girl in a wheelchair. They know ordinary people are going to be killed with an axe to the head. They know they’re destroying their country and dooming future generations. They know and they don’t care because we all have white privilege and deserve it, you see. That’s why we must hate these rootless cosmopolitans back and show them absolutely no clemency when we take state power.

In Sweden, the massive and limitless influx of useless, violent black and Arab invaders has put a strain on the country’s available housing. A government run by normal people who aren’t Jewish would respond to this by closing the border and deporting the invaders, but in Sweden – a self-described “humanitarian superpower” – the solution is to boot disabled and elderly Swedes and give all their stuff to 32-year-old unaccompanied minor Negroes and Pakis – erm, I mean, “Syrians.”


16 various disability associations are now forced to move from their premises in central Piteå. The premises will instead become homes to newly arrived migrants.

Elisabeth Eliasson shows one of the two floors where the different associations of the Disabled unions Cooperation Group (HSO) are gathered. In total HSO has nearly 3000 members in Piteå, and HSO has rented the premises for 22 years. But as it will now be converted to house newly arrived migrants, the disabled must move to a closed down school, a few kilometers away.

– To Strömgården many can walk or use electric wheelchairs or rollators. But to get to Djupviken (the school) means that many have to use public transportation, and it costs money that many may not have, says Elisabeth Eliasson of the Swedish Rheumatism Association.

And it’s not just the distance that worries – but also other economic issues.

– We know no economic conditions for the move. If it becomes too expensive and the availability is no good, then our association will cease to continue, says Carina Lindegren of the Dementia Association.

In Piteå Municipality they say that the premises in Djupviken is the only thing they can offer at present. The venue will also be renovated to fit members. There is also good parking and local traffic is a street away, says Ylva Sundkvist, Municipal Director of Piteå, to SVT Norrbotten.

HSO thinks that two community groups are put against each other when their old premises will be given to newly arrived asylum seekers.

– Like they have done now in this municipality. This places weak groups against each other. It causes more problems than you might think. You do just like this when you want to create problems in a community. Obviously, we should receive them and help, but not at the expense of other groups, says Carina Lindegren.

Ylva Sundkvist says to SVT Norrbotten that there were never any thoughts of putting two groups against each other. Strömgården is just the most suited as homes as it has previously been a retirement home, she says.

So Sweden’s most vulnerable citizens are being ripped from their homes and dumped into an abandoned school – and have to personally pay for the move.

This is what Jews and their collaborators mean when they cynically shriek about “human rights.” If you’re a “hue-man,” you have the right to show up anywhere in the Western world and be entitled to legally rape women, live in other people’s homes and leisurely smoke weed while playing Playstation and living off welfare benefits you never paid into. However, if you lack the correct “hue,” you are effectively a stateless person with no rights at all.


Innocent victims.

It might be tempting to shake your head and say “Those Swedes are disgusting cuckolds!” but there are people in Sweden who are looking to resist. Instead of judging a whole people based on a brutal dictatorship administered exclusively by Jews, catladies with dyke hair and homosexuals, let’s send them some help.

If stories like this make you sickened and angry, do something productive, like donating to the Nordic Resistance Movement so that they can have the resources they need to fight back.


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