Sweden: Haji Soccer Team Does a Ficki Ficki on Native Girls

Daily Stormer
July 21, 2016


Why are Moslem soccer teams even invited to these events? They just pray instead of playing.

I’m getting fed up with people complaining about Moslems raping everybody. Don’t they know that ficki ficki is one of the pillars of Islam?

Do these bigots want them to stop praying towards Mecca or observing Ramadan as well?

Fria Tider:

(Google translated)

The football teams in the Gothia Cup, led by his 35-year-old coach, surrounded and sexofredade teenage girls are from North Africa. The state police officer Peter “Peppe” Larsson at Twitter.

The mother of one of the three vulnerable girls told SVT West that her daughter and her two companions during the tournament’s opening ceremony was surrounded by a group of 30 to 40 teenagers and an adult man outside the Ullevi Stadium.

– The group came closer and clung to the girls. They began to take on them, trying to get their hands under their clothes. They took on their gender. They kissed them and my daughter got the grown man’s tongue in her mouth, says the mother.

The adult man, who is 35 years old and, according to the prosecutor is a leader of the team that attacked the girls, is arrested for sexual assault.

Free Times has on Tuesday asked both police spokesman and the principal prosecutor of the country where the man comes from – but without results.

Now however says Peter “Peppe” Larsson, policeman in the external service, to the case of a team from North Africa.

“Seeing no reason why the dark truth for serious abuses,” writes Larsson at Twitter.


The only known picture of officer Peter “Peppe” Larsson.

It looks like whenever we have Arabs over, they’ll start groping and raping our women. You’d think feminists and anti-rape activists would be campaigning to keep Moslems out.