Sweden: Government-Run Website Tells “People” to Emigrate to Sweden and Live Off Welfare

Daily Stormer
October 30, 2019

The Swedish national anthem

If Swedes aren’t using up enough welfare, then they obviously need more Somalis and Pakis to do it for them.

You can’t just let it rot in the fields, now can you? 


The government-run website Sweden.se has landed in hot water for marketing Sweden abroad as a place where immigrants can receive very generous contributions and other bonuses, including health care.

On the website, the reader is informed that Sweden has the world’s longest parental leave and even provides illegal immigrants with dental care. The website also provides a detailed list of benefits and allowances. For instance, a family with six children receives a monthly SEK 4,240 ($430) and SEK 7,500 ($760) in multi-child allowances.

The site is operated by the Swedish Institute (SI), a government body tasked with promoting the country’s image abroad and promoting its interests.

You forgot to mention that they can rape all the Swedettes without any issue, so long as they don’t mind spending a few months in a 3-star resort with better living conditions than 90% of all the people on the planet have.

“I have no problem with signing up to the fact that we try to inform that Sweden is a welfare state. We have a system that sparks interest”, Per-Arne Wikström, the head of communications at the Swedish Institute, told TV4. He also admitted that the purpose of the webpage is to inform of Sweden’s priorities and potentially arouse interest in emigrating to the country.

The ploy to portray Sweden as a country of benefits irked politicians and ordinary Swedes alike. According to the newspaper Aftonbladet, 94 percent of the asylum seekers that arrived in Sweden since 2015 rely on state benefits.

Good thing the other 6% are there to make up for it.

Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson called the site completely unreasonable. According to him, it sends a “completely wrong signal” about Sweden.

Actually, no, it sends a very accurate signal about Sweden.

You’re a bunch of cucks whose sole purpose is to pay welfare to every semihuman biped in the world.

How is that not literally what you’re doing?

​In response to the criticism, the Swedish government said that a meeting with the authority will be arranged. People should not be attracted here by welfare alone, Foreign Trade Minister Anna Hallberg said.

Why would you want them to come there at all?

Why exactly do you need foreigners at all, let alone vermin living on your money?

BTW, the “Sweden” Institute has a goofy project where they rotate one person to speak on behalf of all of Sweden.

This is one of their most successful ones:

They get around 50 million American dollars per year from the government to do stuff like this.

And you Swedecucks are doing nothing about it.

And you’ll keep on doing nothing about it.