Sweden: Government Reverses Decision Allowing Teenagers to Mutilate Their Genitals

This might be the first sane thing to happen in Sweden since… well, I probably wasn’t even born when the last one happened, so how would I know?


In a reversal of the government’s policy, Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare has said no to a lower age limit for sex realignment surgery.

“This procedure is an irreversible one. Then one should be reasonably sure that it brings lasting and significant benefit to the person,” Thomas Lindén, director of the Department for Knowledge-Based Health Care Policy at the National Board of Health, told national broadcaster SVT.

Nothing good has ever come out of cutting your dick off in the history of the planet.

No exceptions.

Literally not even once.

In 2018, the government proposed a new law that would allow gender-reassigning genital surgery starting from the age of 15 without the permission of a parent or guardian. While the bill was heavily criticised by the Legislation Council among others, it was endorsed by the National Board of Health.

The authority wanted to go even further than the government. While the bill stated that a prerequisite for surgery was that the patient must be assumed to live in the same gender identity in the future, the National Board of Health considered that surgery should not be linked to the future gender identity.

You know, I never really thought much about doctors in general before this tranny craze, but seeing how many of them all around the world just casually started mutilating people – even children – without any kind of opposition…

among other questionable decisions

…I’m pretty sure I don’t trust them very much anymore.

The Swedish government subsequently commissioned the National Board of Health and Welfare to further analyse the proposal, which resulted in a surprising U-turn. In a complete reversal, the authority no longer thinks that the age limit should be lowered.

“I don’t really think it matters what we have said before. We have not felt bound by it, but have investigated this question from the beginning and looked at the information we have now,” Thomas Lindén explained.

According to Lindén, the new assessment is based on the rapid increase of young patients in the gender reassignment sector and the fact that many in this group suffer from neuropsychiatric diagnoses.

Ah yes, another reason to not trust the medical establishment in general – feeling the urge to mutilate yourself is no longer considered a mental illness!!!

That’s the state we’re in right now.

Swedes and Norwegians are the same thing