Sweden Gets 85,000 “New Swedes” in 2021

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Free West Media:

Before the end of the year, Sweden issued about 85 000 new citizenships, and “the new Swedes” come mainly from the Arab world, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Eritrea.

About 40 000 of the citizenship approvals last year went to people from the Arab world, of which 27 340 were migrants from Syria. In addition, 4 305 Somalis, 4 067 Afghans, and 3 471 Eritreans have become Swedish citizens in 2021. For Norwegians, Danes, and Finns the numbers are much lower: 163, 198, and 204 respectively, reported Swedish daily Nya Dagbladet.

It also seems that almost 50 000 persons with Swedish citizenship emigrated during 2021, but it is unclear how many of these are immigrants from the third world. In 1 530 of the applications the homeland was listed as “unknown”.

One can also see that Sweden is especially popular with the immigrant groups who already have a large number of resident fellow-countrymen for example, Somalia or Syria. For persons from African countries like Chad, Malawi, Madagascar, and Equatorial Guinea, only 4 citizenships were granted in total.

It’s predicted that by 2030, over one billion Moslems will reside in Sweden.

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