Sweden: Gang of 20 Youths Attack Man with Knives, Smash His Car

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2020

Though no one likes to talk about it, Sweden’s #1 problem is – and always has been – roving bands of Nordic youths.

These blond-haired hooligans will stop at nothing to get their kicks, even if it means causing harm to their fellow Swedes.

Fria Tider (Translation):

A 25-year-old man was subjected to brutal abuse by a large so-called “gang of youths” at Gamleg√•rden in Kristianstad on Tuesday evening. The gang also smashed the man’s car. The victim was taken to hospital with knife injuries.

The cops who were dispatched to the scene found a broken car and also received testimony that the perpetrators had left the scene on foot.

“While police are working on the scene, information is received from the regional management center that a man with stab injuries has sought care at the emergency room in Kristianstad,” writes the police on his website.