Sweden: Feminists Attack Mosque Over Alleged Rape Culture

Daily Stormer
February 29, 2020

I wonder what percentage of women can actually distinguish reality from fiction outside of their immediate surroundings.

I would guess it’s a single digit number.

Sputnik News:

The giant Gothenburg Mosque, which was erected in 2011 with financial help from Saudi Arabia, has landed in hot water with its website section for “new Muslims”.

Among other things, the guide that includes detailed instructions on how to live like a devout Muslim, says that it is sinful for a woman to reject “legitimate intimacy”. The “rights of a married man” suppose that the woman has an obligation to show “responsiveness to his sexual needs”. Nor it is permitted for a woman to leave home without her husband’s permission, “be it a general or a personal matter”.

“A Muslim woman should be responsive to her husband’s sexual needs and it is recommended to be nice to him. If she rejects his legitimate sexual intimacy, she commits a sin unless there is any valid reason, such as being on her period, keeping a mandatory fast for a guilt from before, or being sick”, the mosque said with a reference to the Quran.

These aren’t things just Moslems believe, they’re things that any society that wants to exist long enough to leave traces of itself believes.

Because they’re just common sense.

There’s no such thing as a man raping his wife, that’s completely insane.

The opposite might be true tho, I’m not sure

As for the not leaving the house without your man’s approval thing, that’s also just common sense.

Women are so physically inferior to men that they’re at the mercy of every 12-year-old boy that wants to do something to them – unless another, stronger man intervenes.

This is especially important in places with lots of blacks and browns.

If a bunch of Arabs see some bitch walking the street alone, and there’s no one around, they’re not gonna think twice about raping her. It’s as common as going out for a shawarma.

But feminists, for some reason, are too stupid to understand this.

According to the newspaper Göteborgs-Posten, the website includes exerpts from
“The New Muslim Guide” written by Fahd Salem Bahammam and published in 26 different languages. The website itself touts “The New Muslim Guide” as a consensus among most Muslim scholars.

Its values, however, sparked a negative reaction from the Swedish public. The advice there doesn’t only express a “reprehensible view of women”, but is also contrary to the law, Sweden’s leading terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp of the National Defence College wrote in an opinion piece. Ranstorp stressed that is not the first time a problematic view of women has been discovered in Swedish mosques.

“The aforementioned mosque is the largest in Gothenburg. This means that a mosque with great legitimacy in society links to a website with extremely controversial views. It is very serious. This case also raises a question on whether and how foreign funding for mosques implies a potential transfer of values from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states to Sweden that are inconsistent with our basic values. These Gulf states often exert direct influence on mosques through financial grants to non-profit foundations that, in turn, determine the religious orientation of religious communities”, Ranstorp warned.

Oh noes, muh values!

tfw you’re raping a bitch, but someone reminds you of “values”

Why didn’t they say anything about muh principles tho?

Aren’t those important too?

The guide also sparked outrage online.

“It shouldn’t be like this. But the feminists and the left have fought for this. So here you go”, a user wrote.

Ah, so this is an owning the libs moment.

How’s that gonna help you when Mohammed and his brother Mohammed hold you down so that their cousin Mohammed can chop your head off?

At times the debate took a more humorous angle.

“Can a wife deny her wife sex? Asking for my wife”, a lady tweeted.

You won’t be laughing for much longer, you filthy dyke.

Gothenburg Mosque press spokesman Muhammad El Alti later said the mosque does not share the acclaimed interpretation of the “New Muslim Guide”.

“The site has good information for new Muslims, but interpretations that we don’t share happen to occur. It is good that you pay attention to it, then we will get back and correct this”, El Alti said.

Despite the half-hearted condemnation, the link to the “New Muslim Guide” was not removed.

The number of Muslims in Sweden has skyrocketed in recent decades, exceeding 800,000 and amounting to 8.1 percent of the population today, according to the Pew Research Centre. This has sparked a hot debate on the place and the role of Islam in Swedish society.

For those of you who can’t read between the lines, what this Moslem is saying is “there still aren’t enough of us, so we have to pay lip service to this retarded infidel crap for now.”