Sweden: Feminist Theater Plans Play to Teach Children About Vaginas

Daily Stormer
October 18, 2018

Thank God I can’t understand what they’re saying…

Has any feminist ever written a theater play about anything other than her vagina?

It’s not a rhetorical question, I really have no idea.


A feminist theater play with a telltale name “Salon Vagina!” expected to enlighten schoolkids about “the pussy” has caused many angry reactions among ordinary Swedes.

Probably not that many, or else they wouldn’t be the second most cucked country in the world – right after Britain.

The cultural institution Skolscen sydost (School Scene Southeast), which organizes performances in kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools, has presented the feminist play “Salon Vagina!” to be staged in Blekinge County’s schools next year, Swedish Radio reported.

This is exactly what children in Sweden need, because they’re not already getting fucked in the head enough.

Good thing we have (((Amelia Abraham))) to spread Swebola everywhere

The performance shows three feminist actresses singing about female genitalia while spreading their legs. An excerpt from the play posted on YouTube shows them chanting “pussy, fanny, muff, beaver, slit” while standing on their heads with legs spread wide open. “I want to call mine a canary bird. It’s nothing unusual,” one of the actresses says in the show.

I remember a while ago, some thots were claiming that Shakespeare was actually a woman, a kikette no less.

I’m sure all of you just realized how moronic that is.

On its website, “Salon Vagina!” is described as a “playful and humorous take on stigmatized female sexuality,” which also “explores the cultural history of the vagina, its symbolic, scientific, religious and everyday role.”

“With singing, dancing, motion and humor, we explore norms and taboos. We investigate and cross the boundaries of how a woman should be,” the feminists write on their website.

You live in one of the most degenerate places on earth, in the most degenerate age our species has ever been in.

If you really wanted to break a taboo, you’d be normal.

This is what being normal looks like, just in case you forgot

The trailer posted on YouTube has gathered a plethora of negative reactions from Swedes, with comments ranging from “decadence and nihilism” to “child abuse” and “utter madness.” Some ventured that if a similar play was made by, for and about men, it would have instantly triggered accusations of patriarchy and male chauvinism.

So some people’s problem is that a play where men dressed as dicks and spouted inane gibberish wouldn’t be as well-received?

That’s really all you could think of?

The topic of female sexuality has of late received a lot of attention in the Swedish media. Recently, the Menstruation Association (Mensen) received a SEK 500,000 ($56,000) contribution from the newly established Gender Equality Authority for a project aimed at “breaking the taboo around women’s periods” and create a “period-friendly” work environment, which has raised many eyebrows in Sweden.

If I were a Swedish feminist, creating a “period-friendly work environment” would be my top priority as well.

“We have 3-year old children that get raped”

Still, as disgusting as these worthless skanks are, we should never forget the reason they’re like this in the first place:

jewish feminists

Once we cut the root of the problem, most things will go back to normal by themselves, including most women.