Sweden: Fatal Shootings Skyrocketing Due to Immigration

Why doesn’t Captain Sweden stop these gangsters?

Is it because it would be racist?

The Guardian:

Sweden is the only European country where fatal shootings have risen significantly since 2000, leaping from one of the lowest rates of gun violence on the continent to one of the highest in less than a decade, a report has found.

The report, by the Swedish national council for crime prevention (BRA), said the Scandinavian country had overtaken Italy and eastern European countries primarily because of the violent activities of organised criminal gangs.

“The rate in Sweden ranks very high in relation to other European countries, at approximately four deaths per million inhabitants per year. The average for Europe is approximately 1.6 deaths per million inhabitants,” it said.

None of the other countries included in the study have experienced comparable increases.” The report said a decline in other forms of deadly violence, including knife crime, had masked the rise in fatal shootings.

Between 2000 and 2003, Sweden was 18th out of the 22 countries for deadly shootings per capita. But after a long period of decline, deadly shootings began to increase in the mid-2000s and have continued to do so, the report found, whereas in most other countries in Europe lethal violence has declined.

The increase in gun homicide in Sweden is closely linked to criminal milieux in socially disadvantaged areas,” the report said, noting that shooting deaths had more than doubled between 2011 and 2019and now accounted for 40% of violent deaths.

The report said more than eight out of 10 shootings were linked to organised crime, a significantly higher proportion than in other countries, and cited gang wars, the drugs trade and low confidence towards the police as potential factors.

The truly incredible thing is that there is no plan. They don’t say “oh well, we’ve figured out a way to stop these brown people from being so violent, and we’re working on it.”

Instead, they just attack you and call you evil if you talk about it.

It’s such a big deal that The Guardian and other mainstream publications have to mention it occasionally. But they make it sound like it is Swedish people doing violence because they’re poor.

It’s maybe also that they have violence in their blood from their Viking ancestors?

It’s hard to even take shots at Sweden at this point (see what I did there?) because the rest of the West is almost as bad.

But Sweden is more extreme. Because they got in early on the multicultural adventure.

But it wasn’t a warning to other nations.

Other nations watched Sweden destroy itself and said “this looks like a really good idea.”