Sweden: Extreme Right Websites Seven Times More Popular Than Mainstream

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

May 6, 2014

Hail Nordfront, Sacred Guardians of the Northern Front
Hail Nordfront, Sacred Guardians of the Northern Front!

A new report shows that far-right sites in Sweden are receiving traffic at a rate of seven fold what the mainstream, established political sites receive.

This is hardly surprising, given the dire straits that Sweden is presently in, what with being the rape capital of Europe and the government Jews continuing to demand more Muslim subhumans flood the country.

From the Local:

The seven most popular far-right websites attract a total of 145,000 unique visitors a day, according to the report, which was prepared by the government-run Swedish Media Council and handed to the government on Tuesday.

“I’m surprised to find out that (the sites) have seven times more visitors than the total of all parties in parliament,” Ulf Dahlquist, the council’s research director, told Sveriges Radio (SR).

Three sites have more visitors each than all parliamentary parties combined, including realisten.se, run by the Neo-Nazi Party of the Swedes.

The report, which described websites advocating violence, did not give any figures for visits to the websites of political parties in parliament.

It noted that the extreme left did not enjoy a similar level of popularity, with the two top sites attracting a total of just 3,620 unique visitors a day. Islamist websites are even more marginalized with only about 500 unique visitors each day, according to the report.

Swedish European Affairs Minister Birgitta Ohlsson told SR the finding had to “be taken very seriously”.

“You can never completely immunize a society against anti-democratic and extremist groups that favour violent action. But it’s possible to take a large number of initiatives,” she said.

It is worthy of note that none of these sites are actually advocating violence. I don’t read Swedish nationalist sites very often, because the auto-translate works very poorly for Swedish, but it is an obvious fact that if they were advocating violence, they would be shutdown immediately by the authorities.

I can’t even legally advocate violence on this website, and it’s hosted in America (not that I would anyway). Advocating violence is on the internet is completely illegal in every country in the world (except perhaps Islamic countries, where it is often in fact illegal to advocate for non-violence), and I guess I don’t have a disagreement with this policy.

Nordfront.se, the Swedish nationalist site I am most familiar with, is ranked at 230 in Sweden.
Nordfront.se, the Swedish nationalist site I am most familiar with, is ranked at 230 in Sweden.

But it is insane for this lying Ohlsson woman to come out and say that they are advocating violence when everyone who knows anything knows that if they were doing that, they would be shut down immediately by the authorities. The fact that the media reports this statement without questioning the integrity of an outright liar such as this says a lot, doesn’t it?

In other news, the Daily Stormer is in the top 1000 in Sweden.

Daily Stormer in Sweden

It seems that Swedism is on the decline in Sweden, and men with heart and will rise up and demand what belongs to them, what their ancestors by rights gave to them.

But don’t worry Swedists – you’ve still got the UK.