Sweden: Doing the Bidding of Racist Swedes, Coronachan Slaughters Black Vikings

Daily Stormer
March 26, 2020

If you don’t want this Syrian child refugee in your country, you’re pure evil

Has anybody ever heard even a single attempt at trying to explain why Somalis should be in a country?

Arabs and Turks cook meat-on-a-stick, mestizos pick fruit, streetshitters do shitty Java programming…

But what has a Somali ever done other than live on welfare?



Members of the Somali community complained that the authorities’ information about the spread of coronavirus was insufficient and came too late. To rectify this, materials in 15 languages are now being distributed.

The city of Stockholm has reported a rise in COVID-19 cases, noting that residents of so-called vulnerable areas are over-represented among the newly-infected.

At least six of the 15 who died from the coronavirus have a Somali background, national broadcaster SVT reported.

Oh course it’s all the Swedecucks’ fault.

Nobody is born hating, they learn how to hate from Whitey, and that applies to Coronachan as well.

At the same time, a spread of the infection was reported in the Järva area, which includes the districts of Kista-Rinkeby and Tensta. Up to 90 percent of the population of these communities have an immigrant background, and they feature in Sweden’s list of vulnerable areas. A local doctor suggested to the Expressen newspaper that the virus could have spread several weeks ago, during the Friday prayer at a local mosque.

“When [coronavirus] spread to Sweden, there was not so much information in Somali, and many continued living as usual,” doctor Jihan Mohamed, board member of the Swedish Somali Medical Association, told SVT.

And here we see another evil thing Whitey did – not telling the Somalis in Somali that Coronachan is racist.

Mohamed suggested crowded conditions as one of the explanations to the over-representation of COVID-19 cases among fellow Somalis.

“Many live in crammed quarters there. Several generations can live in the same apartment,” Mohamed suggested.

“And why hasn’t Whitey given us more houses?” is what he’s really saying here.

And rightfully so – the Swedes should’ve given them at least 2 houses per person, but they didn’t because they were blinded by hatred.

Somali imam Hussein Farah of Rinkeby’s Islamic Cultural Centre suggested that the authorities’ information on coronavirus in languages other than Swedish was insufficient and came too late. Mohamed Nuur, chairman of the Social Democrats in Tensta, called the lack of information “heartbreaking”.

Amid the spread of the coronavirus in the blighted areas, the authorities are at pains to distribute information material in 15 languages, including Somali. Residents are reminded about the importance of social distancing and staying at home.

To better reach to the growing migrant community, national broadcaster SVT has started texting their news broadcasts in Arabic. SVT cited “the great need for information due to the coronavirus epidemic”.

Several other media, including Expressen, also produced Arabic and Somali material to accommodate non-Swedish readers.

That’s another one of those strengths of diversity, not being able to talk to each other.

The real question here is – why do Swedes expect Arabs and Somalis to learn Swedish instead of the other way around?

That would make far more sense, especially considering that Swedes stole Sweden from Somalis in the first place.