Sweden: Deranged Trans-Lesbos Demanding to be Banned from Female-Only Festival

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 19, 2017

So brave.

The new and improved “gender spectrum” developed by Tumblr is very progressive and gives everyone new opportunities to signal their liberal virtue. However, it’s also starting to cause some problems for these people.

Because all lines are blurred, the distinction between “their camp” of progressive victims and “our camp” of evil oppressors is becoming harder to define (for them). Now that you have lesbians LARPing as evil patriarchs, are they supposed to be banned by feminists?

A female-only music festival decided to ban males on the basis of whether they’re freaks or not. That is to say, women LARPing as men where still considered “part of the sisterhood.”

Big mistake.


Transgender activists have attacked Sweden’s first women-only festival for only banning biological men, as this could imply transgendered men are not real men.

Uh, you want to be banned?

Yeah, you’ve read that right.

They’re complaining because they’re not banned.

Comedian Emma Knyckare set up the festival in response to reports of mass sexual attacks at music festivals in Sweden, largely committed by migrants.

However, questions were quickly asked about how they would define “men”. Organisers said only “cis” men would be banned (men who were born male and still identify as male).

In the past, all-female festivals have been attacked by transgender activists for doing the opposite and excluding all “physically male” people, including “transgender women”.

Wouldn’t they feel safer if they had more trannies running around their festival?

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It’s almost as if these people just like whining and find any excuse to pretend to be outraged.

On Instagram, user emma.bkstrm was not impressed. She asked: “Why only cis men and not just men? Are transgender men less male?”

Yeah. Something about DNA or whatever.

The festival’s organisers replied that “of course they are equally male” and “we are taking the criticism on board and will discuss it internally next week to see if a revision is needed”.

“O-of course t-they’re men!”

A different user noted that “you have previously argued that transgender men know how it is to be vulnerable and oppressed, just like women, and should, therefore, be welcomed.

“What do you do with the rest of the men who are vulnerable and oppressed, then? Homosexual men, non-white men? Are they welcome? I don’t buy your logic. Men are men, full stop.”

Look at how these freaks contort their minds into knots to try and justify their insanity.

It seems like the trannies are divided into two factions: on one side, you have the hard-core LARPers who want to be treated exactly like their fake gender in order to satisfy their sick fetish, while on the other you have the hobbyists who want to be included in everything and have all the privileges of both men and women.

But none of this really matter, because these people are mentally ill. They can all change their positions – and their demands – at any time under the flimsiest of pretenses.

I wouldn’t be surprised if next year the same festival bans women pretending to be men, and they make a huge row about it, claiming that the festival needs to be more “inclusive” of oppressed minorities.