Sweden Demands EU States Who Don’t Take Refugees be Made to Suffer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 18, 2016


It’s shocking that these people have the nerve to just keep talking about how we need more of these monkeys, when everyone is now well aware that they are what the Daily Stormer said they were: a bunch of welfare-scamming, gang-raping terrorists on a mission to conquer Europe.

Who denies it at this point?


The European country that last year was among the top recipients of refugees relative to its population wants the European Union to punish other member states that fail to honor their burden-sharing pledges.

Sweden introduced ID checks at its borders in January after taking in some 163,000 asylum seekers from war-torn countries like Syria and Iraq. On a per capita basis, Sweden accepted almost three times as many applications as Germany, whose population is eight times bigger.

The EU is big enough to take in many more refugees than it has actually taken, but it’s impossible if only a few countries are doing so,” Sweden’s minister for EU affairs, Ann Linde, said in an interview in Montreal on Thursday.

Sweden’s criticism comes amid a debate over new EU rules designed to address the uneven distribution of migrants following the biggest influx since World War II. EU governments have yet to live up to their commitment to share some 160,000 people who arrived in the Mediterranean countries of Italy and Greece. Current rules stipulate that refugees must claim asylum in the first European country they reach. Slovakia and Hungary in the east are among the most vocal opponents to the idea of redistributing migrants.

“There should be some kind of mechanism to ensure that countries implement their decisions,” Linde said.

“There has to be some kind of reaction” to those who “make an agreement and then don’t implement it,” the minister said. “There are proposals going around for discussion,” she said when asked whether slapping a fine on violators would be justified.

No matter what this “reaction” is, the EU is still going to be a net-benefit to the puppet governments of Eastern Europe, who are getting rich of this scam. And eventually, they will be so deep in, they won’t have a choice but to accept infinity Moslems into their bases.

That appears to be the current stratagem: Eastern European leaders – Orban, Fico, etc. – shill like they are against the immigration scam, while still supporting EU membership and other aspects of the EU project. The EU will then continue to intensify integration, hurting their independence, getting them to the point where they can’t leave even if they want to. Then they send in the hordes.

The only way forward for Europe is to collapse the EU. It was a crooked Jewish White-extermination plan from the beginning.