Sweden: Daily “Coronavirus” Infections and Deaths are Decreasing Without a Lockdown

Epidemiologist Anders Tegnell is the hero who saved Sweden from the lockdown madness.

Sweden has no lockdown and it is not doing any worse than Western countries that imposed strict lockdowns.

In fact, Sweden is doing better than most countries enforcing lockdowns.

When this is all over, Swedes will still have a functioning economy.

Daily Mail:

Sweden’s daily death toll and its number of new coronavirus cases both fell today as the country continues to hold out against imposing a lockdown.

The 77 new deaths – down from 106 yesterday – bring the total from 793 to 870, according to figures from Sweden’s public health agency.

The number of confirmed infections went up by 544, a drop of nearly a quarter from yesterday’s near-record figure of 722.

It takes the total number of cases from 9,141 to 9,685.

Unlike most of Europe, Sweden has not imposed a lockdown, and primary schools, shops, cafes, restaurants and bars remain open.

People are not generally ordered to stay at home, although they are told to isolate at the first sign of ‘slight cold-like symptoms’.

Swedes are advised to ‘keep your distance’ at gyms and sports facilities rather than avoiding them altogether.

There is a ban on gatherings of more than 50 people, but the rule is far more generous than the limit of two that Britain and Germany have set.

The lack of a lockdown makes Sweden an outlier, but the government has rejected Donald Trump’s claims that the country is ‘suffering’ more than others.

We know that lockdowns negatively affect people’s mental and physical health and that suicide rates appear to be increasing as a result of imposing the lockdown.

There is no way that Sweden, with no lockdown, would be doing worse than that even if their daily records of new infections and “coronavirus” deaths were slightly higher than those of countries like the United States or the United Kingdom.

We should all be cheering for Sweden.

They are showing the entire West that mass panic and the destruction of the economy are no way to respond to the flu.