Sweden: Cover-up of Violence Against Ambulance Nurses

Daily Stormer
April 3, 2017

What are these Swedish ambulance drivers complaining about? They have White privilege, after all.

This may surprise you, but apparently Sweden has a little something called “no-go zones” in which public servants get assaulted by Moslems for doing their jobs. The chairman of the union of Ambulance workers recently did an interview in which he discussed this grave matter.

Swedish officials are very concerned about this, and have taken immediate action to make this impossible.

Their solution: prevent him from talking about it anymore.

Nyheter Idag:

The chairman of the union Alarm Ambulance Association, Gordon Grattidge, was interviewed by the famous journalist, and SVD profile, Paulina Neuding on the site The good society. Then, [alt-right website] Avpixlat linked to their videos. This resulted in Grattidge being blocked from participating in a panel discussion he had been invited to. “Clearly, the Alarm Association does not share our values by participating in Avpixlat” writes Janne Kautto president of the National Association of Ambulance Nurses.

In other words, the Ambulance union chairman did an interview on a mainstream network, and an alt-right website re-posted it with their commentary.

As a result, he’s now being prevented from public speaking because he “collaborated with the alt-right” or whatever.

The clip has been seen by 70,000 people and the interview goes ambulance union president over how, where and how his members are subjected to violence and threats in their work.

I wonder why they’re subject to violence? You’d think people would be grateful for ambulances…

“On February 27, 2017 Avpixlat published a video where the Alarm Association President Gordon Grattidge discusses the dangers ambulance personnel risk  in the suburbs with racial undertones,” writes Kautto in his email.


Any discussion of violence in Sweden will have “racial undertones.” That’s because the only people who are committing violence in Sweden are from third-world sewer cultures.

But keep persecuting people who are complaining about getting killed in the streets, Sweden. I’m sure it’s going to start working eventually.