Sweden: Country’s Biggest Music Festival Canceled After Epidemic of Sexual Emergencies

Daily Stormer
July 2, 2017

The only bad thing about feminists getting raped is that they often don’t get killed afterwards

The thing about diversity is that whenever a crowd gathers, for any reason, you can be sure someone is gonna rape someone else.

The Local:

Following one reported rape and several sexual assaults at this year’s Bråvalla music festival, there will be no festival in 2018, the organisers said on Saturday.

One of Sweden’s largest music festivals, Bråvalla has been arranged outside the eastern Swedish town Norrköping every summer for the past five years, and this Saturday, July 1st, is the final day of the 2017 edition.

But the popular festival will not return in 2018 due to concerns over several cases of sexual assault, the organizing company FKP Scorpio said in a press release on Saturday.

This article also links here, where a female university professor argues that European men who try to stop subhumans from raping their women are doing it to oppress women. Seriously.

At the time of publishing, I could not find out if the author, Martina Lindberg, is a kikette or not. I guess to some extent it doesn’t matter, since the stupidity of the average woman is more or less on par with the malevolence of the average kike.

One person was reportedly raped during a Håkan Hellström concert. One case of sexual coercion has been reported, as well as several cases of sexual assault.

“Words cannot describe how incredibly sad we are about this, and we most seriously regret and condemn this. This is not f-ing okay. We do not accept this at our festival,” a festival representative wrote.

You could’ve just banned shitskins from the get-go, and none of this would’ve happened. You have to decide – are you against racism, or against rape? You can’t be against both at the same time, it’s impossible.

The organizers did not say if or when the festival will return. Nor would they say whether the company’s financial situation had anything to do with the cancellation – FKP Scorpio reported a loss of 75 million kronor ($8,904,500) in 2016.

I’m gonna go ahead and assume that this is also a direct result of fewer people going to events like this because of diversity.

Taking place near Norrköping in eastern Sweden, the Bråvalla festival was hit by a spate of reported rapes and sexual assault in 2016.

The British band Mumford and Sons, which headlined the 2016 festival, said they would boycott Bråvalla until they had had assurances from the organizers and police they were doing something to combat the problems of sexual violence.

The “something” can only mean becoming Nazis.

Nothing other than being a Nazi has ever solved rape problems.

We don’t have any choice.

Come on Swedes, you’re deeper in shit than the rest of us, so you have to work harder to get out. I know you can do it, so start doing it.

I have no idea what this song is about, but I like it