Sweden: Armed Police to Start Escorting Joggers

Daily Stormer
November 23, 2017

Such an efficient, well-managed country

I’m very happy the Swedish police decided to do this. Now, if any joggers get robbed, assaulted, raped or murdered, the cops can be right there to arrest them if they say anything racist.


Residents of the Swedish city of Oskarshamn will now have the option to be accompanied by armed police officers while out jogging.

Oskarshamn police inspector Peter Karlsson said the programme was designed to ease the insecurities of those who wish to go jogging after dark. Karlsson, who came up with the idea for the programme, said police would form jogging groups and all those who were interested in joining the officers were welcome, SVT reports.

I wonder why they never needed these before…

“We will adjust the pace entirely to those who come,” Karlsson said, noting the officers would jog as well as walk with residents who wanted to join.

Karlsson said that he had heard of many residents feeling insecure in the city: “It does not happen so much here, but people are influenced by events around the world and feel unsafe when it’s dark.”

Events around the world, huh? You sure about that? Because I think Russian hackers are a more realistic reason.

It goes without saying that diversity has nothing to do with it.

The police inspector’s comments mirror a report from 2016 which stated that close to half of women in Sweden felt “very unsafe” at night alone in Swedish cities. According to the report, conducted by newspaper Aftonbladet, a further 43 per cent felt uncomfortable in Swedish cities even in the daytime.

Wait a minute… Sweden is the most feminist country in the world. Are you telling me all these strong, independent womxn are scared to walk the streets even in day time?

Swedish feminists – principles before hymens

The issue is particularly bad in troubled heavily migrant-populated suburbs which are often labelled no-go zones. A survey conducted by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) claimed that around half of the residents of problem areas were too afraid to leave their homes in the evenings.

Notice how Breitbart, a notorious neo-nazi outlet, is making it seem as if the non-Whites are to blame for the things they do.

But more enlightened people know the real reason Swedish women are in danger – Satanist pedophile cults run by misogynistic White men.

Only a handful of brave Swedish feminists have the ovaries to do something about it, and protect women women from the evils of patriarchy.

Dismantling patriarchy is the answer to all the world’s problems.