Sweden: Alice in Cultural Marxist Wonderland

Daily Stormer
March 21, 2014

Himmler with the Swedish Waffen SS.
Himmler with the Swedish Waffen SS.

My name is Robin and I’m active in the National Socialist organization the Nordic Resistance Movement. The organization got some notice here at Daily Stormer last year, when we held a support demonstration for Golden Dawn.  We are established in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, and our vision is to unite the Nordic countries into a National Socialist republic.

The opinions reflected in this brief are my own, and not necessary those of the organization.

Sweden – A Cultural Marxist “Alice in Wonderland”

Sweden is by far the Nordic country hardest hit by “repressive tolerance,” where everything to levels that former residents of East Germany say are even worse than they experienced. As in most Western countries, the media is all Jewish. Sweden has the worst mass-immigration of all the Nordic countries as well.

A typical street scene in the new Sweden.
A typical street scene in the new Sweden.

The invasion is dragging Sweden deeper and deeper into the gutter. Our politicians are now granting every Syrian immigrant and every Negro from Uganda claiming to be a homosexual a permanent right to stay. There is also a structural discrimination of Swedes; you could actually say that we are modern slaves – expected to work until we die (they want to make us work until the age of 75) and pay some of the world’s highest taxes. The majority of parents both have jobs, and put their children at kindergarten, where they are indoctrinated with Jewish propaganda in their most formative years.

On the other hand, non-Swedes have access to an “Alice in Wonderland” financial support system that Swedes could only dream of. A Somali woman with three children gets a monthly payment equivalent to $3,485. They even get retroactive child support (!) – equivalent to tens of thousands of dollars. Illegal immigrants have to pay a maximum of 7 dollars to go to the dentist (and get all sorts of advanced dental care) while Swedes have to pay $172 just to get 20 minutes of tartar removal.

Immigrants often show their gratitude for all of the hard work Swedes do to support them by rioting and burning things.
Immigrants often show their gratitude for all of the hard work Swedes do to support them by rioting and burning things.

An Aggressive Jewish media

In Sweden our media in owned by the Jews driving this anti-White agenda. In real terms, the media actually runs the country: they get politicians fired, tell police what policies they should have, they stop deportations of illegal immigrants, etcetera. The leaders of the biggest parties, as well as the head of the biggest media, are all members of the Bilderberg group, where they meet to conspire together with other globalists. Many Swedes call the political parties in Sweden for “Sjuklövern” (a clover with 7 leaves), since all the parties basically are the same – it is just a Jewish theater playing the same show every fourth year in order to create an illusion of Freedom.

Anyone who criticizes the system is branded as a “racist”, and loses their job. This has resulted in massive “Internet hate” (that is the only place where people dare to speak out). “Internet haters” (an Orwellian term for people that criticize the course our country has taken) is considered to be “a threat against democracy” in Sweden by the Jewish powers running our country, so now they are looking to tighten up the domestic laws, to get a grip on this massive Internet hate machine.

Our media openly (!) co-operates with left-wing extremists. An example of this is last year when a big Swedish newspaper hired left-wing extremists to hack into Disqus (a third party website comment system) to extract user details from several thousand private citizens. Later, a camera team showed up at some of these people’s homes and questioned them about things that they had written on the Internet anonymously – this resulted in some of them being fired from their jobs, others from their party and one person even got his house bombed by left-wing extremists.

The left-wing extremists who hacked Disqus have been nominated for a prize called “Guldspaden,” an annual journalist price. This is the situation in Sweden – if you express yourself, even anonymously, you could get publicly humiliated and bombed — and the people responsible are given awards.

This guy got a lot of “props” from other “Internet haters” when he did not submit to the camera team from the Jewish publication. He said that he hopes that Disqus will “sue the shit out of” Expressen.se for utilizing the hacked user details.

Here you could see the “Cultural Elite” of Sweden attending “Grammisgalan” (a big annual cultural event). The guy making every one raise their fists often raps about beating democratically elected politicians that oppose massive immigration in Sweden. He also goes around wearing t-shirts with images of politicians being killed by masked men. This sort of person is openly embraced by the full spectra of established media in Sweden.

Massive Polarization

The situation is massively polarized. On one hand you have aggressive immigrants killing and raping Swedes, a media elite and politicians serving the will of international Zionists and finance plutocrats; on the other, you have this oppressed people that are trained like a gypsy bear (if you don’t do as the masters say you will get burnt), but in now on the verge of open rebellion. There are still many brainwashed liberal Swedes that are in favor of the massive immigration, but their numbers are declining.

The media is pushing the lid harder and harder on a pot about to boil over. They are losing readers and viewers and firing people all the time, as they attempt to maintain total control of the narrative. The major outlet Svenska Dagbladet had to fire some 500 employees only last year and lost $123,000,000.

On the other side, Antisemitism is exploding in the online media, as people are beginning to realize that those running both the mainstream media and the financial system are Jews. Some of the “Internet hate” media outlets are emerging as the country’s biggest news services, and draw a readership equivalent to 10% of the Swedish population.


Above is an example of Swedish “Internet haters” discussing Jews at a “Racist Site” that is read by 10% (!) of the Swedish population; the short story: User #1: What is wrong with Jews? They are always doing bad stuff. Maybe Hitler was right. User #2: The most important documentary is this one. WW2 was about Hitler challenging the international bank cartels. User #3: Thank you for this link. People have been brainwashed by Jewish media since 1933.


Here on the same site, a comment on Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the alleged Prime Minister of the Ukraine: “Arsenij Jatsenjuk is a Jew and nothing else”.

The counter-jihadist movement is also losing the ideological battle among the “Internet haters” and Antisemitism is prevailing, given that the Internet exposes the Jews so much. Swedes hate Muslims but they are starting to realize that it is the Jews that have put Swedes in this situation on purpose. There is actually a book written about it called “How Sweden Became Multi-Ethnic,” that shows how Jews through their media manipulated Swedish politicians to make our constitution state that we are a multi-ethnic country.

What is the Future of Sweden?

Well. We are heading for hell. All the Muslims in our country will in the future likely be used by the plutocrats as a type of “Chechen-proxy-towards-Russia” against Swedes that don’t want to be genocided. The consciousness of Swedes has rapidly grown in recent years, since the alternative “Internet haters” media slowly is dismantling the Jewish media, and we can only hope that it is not to late.

We are heading towards a conflict torn third world country. That is for sure. The Nordic peoples are pretty smart and public opinion is quickly shifting. We also have a wide spectra of really good “seeds” of resistance, so eventually some will crack, grow strong and blossom. Personally, I believe that our enemy is radical, and that we must counter them in equal manner. Also, radicalism serves as a mechanism of mainstream change, normalizing many pro-Swedish and anti-immigrant opinions that are not affiliated with National Socialism, hence making a big indirect impact on society. We are even normalizing National Socialism itself. The organization that I’ve chosen is holding one end of the rope in an ideological rope-pulling contest.

Sweden may need to be hit by a financial crisis situation like the one in Greece. Swedes are the butlers of immigrants, and when Swedes revolt and stop feeding the immigrants and all of their offspring, then the immigrants will also revolt.

The anti-immigrant parties are rising in the parliament, and the Jewish media is slowly but certainly dying.

The future will be most interesting.SRM_demo1