Sweden (Again): 65-Year Old Woman Prosecuted for Online Wrongspeak

Daily Stormer
March 16, 2018

Stick to the program, you filthy goyim

It’s election year in Sweden, so the cattle must be whipped a little harder than usual, lest they fall for fake news and conspiracies.


A 65-year-old woman in the city of Jönköping is set to be prosecuted on hate crime charges for claiming that mass Muslim immigration will lower the general IQ of the Swedish population.

The woman faces eight counts of hate speech by Swedish courts for various posts she made on social media sites. In one post on the Facebook page “Stop Abuse” she wrote, “If this continues, the intelligence in Sweden will be at goldfish level,” broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.

Notice how saying something that is demonstrably true and even halfheartedly admitted by the controlled media is illegal.

Currently, (((scientists))) are blaming the drop in IQ in Sweden and the rest of Europe on people spending too much time on tablets and TV, which is surely the right answer because it’s the non-racist answer.

The fact that there are other countries where they also watch a lot of TV and use tablets but where the IQ drop is either small or non-existent – like in, say, Japan – has nothing to do with not letting hordes of monkey people in.

According to prosecutors, the woman made several other disparaging remarks toward migrants and Muslims. Prosecutor Lisa Hedberg said they were finding it more and more common to see “hate posts” on various social media pages.

Hey look, a woman trying to put her own people in prison for internet wrongthink.

I’m totally shocked.

Sweden has its priorities set straight – mean words before rape

Hedberg noted the work of the hate crime reporting group Näthatsgranskaren which has contributed to the surge in prosecutions for hate crimes in Sweden. The group, which records and reports hateful speech on social media to Swedish police, admitted that many of the people they report tend to be women aged over 55.

Odds are those either don’t know how to keep their identity hidden, or it just never occurs to them that their country has degenerated to the point where people get arrested for posting on the internet.

Näthatsgranskaren head Tomas Åberg has also been nominated for Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet‘s “Swedish Hero” award for his work in reporting people for hate crimes to the police.  

Can you imagine calling some retard who makes a living out of getting old ladies prosecuted for mean words on Facebook being called a “hero?”

“We were surprised to see ladies over the age of 65 write very, very rough things on Facebook,” he said.

The 65-year-old woman is not the first pensioner to be charged under Sweden’s hate crime laws in recent years. In August of last year, a 70-year-old man was given a fine of over £1,000 because of remarks he had made about Muslims on social media.

Last year, the Swedish government decided to expand the far-reaching anti-hate speech laws by including “gender identity” alongside racism, homophobia, and other classifications for hate crimes.

Good, good.

You should make sure the people killing you are always as comfortable as possible.