Sweden: 30% of People in Stockholm “Have Reached a Level of Immunity” to Coronavirus

Cheer for Sweden.

Sweden’s “No Lockdown” approach to coronavirus is working. The prediction that Stockholm could reach “herd immunity” in May is manifesting.

Powerful people are very interested in extending the lockdowns indefinitely to keep everyone living like prisoners, and Sweden’s example is jeopardizing their plan.

Daily Mail:

Sweden could have achieved herd immunity in its capital Stockholm by May, the country’s ambassador to the US has claimed.

Karin Ulrika Olofsdotter told the US’s National Public Radio (NPR) that ‘about 30 per cent of people in Stockholm have reached a level of immunity.’

Sweden, whose softer approach to combating coronavirus has gained attention across the world, has now reported 18,926 coronavirus cases, with 2,274 deaths.

On Monday, 286 new cases and 80 deaths were announced, down from 463 cases yesterday, although there were just two deaths on Sunday.

Ms Olofsdotter added: ‘We could reach herd immunity in the capital as early as next month.’

Herd immunity is when enough people become resistant to a disease – through vaccination or previous exposure – that it can no longer significantly spread among the rest of the population.

However, questions remain about how long any immunity lasts – South Korea recently reported that 222 patients had tested positive again for the virus after initially recovering.

Authorities said they there are working to find out if the tests the individuals had just failed to spot that the virus was still present, or if they had actually had the virus again.

Ms Olofsdotter agreed that more research is needed to answer the questions around herd immunity but said there were no plans for her country’s government to switch course.

Although Sweden has cancelled football games and closed university buildings, restaurants, cinemas, gyms, pubs, and shops remain open.

Sweden’s approach has already been criticized by hysterical experts and politicians who have put their reputations on the line to defend and promote the coronavirus hoax.

This is a critical moment.

After Sweden succeeds with its strategy, it will become much more difficult for these “experts” to convince people that locking everything down and destroying people’s jobs was the right choice.

The WHO has already taken steps towards discrediting Sweden’s approach, mumbling something about there being no evidence that antibodies protect against future infections, which is a claim that sounds more and more ridiculous the more you think about it.

All evidence points to coronavirus being pretty much what people know as the flu, so we can assume that the WHO meant that antibodies developed for this coronavirus “outbreak” may not protect against future outbreaks of mutated or new coronaviruses, which would be similar to what happens with the flu.

Of course, their real goal appears to be to keep people isolated until a vaccine for the virus is ready — a vaccine that will somehow work despite there being “no evidence that antibodies protect against future infections.”

What’s happening in Sweden is breaking the hysterical narrative.