Sweden: 19 Injured in a Pretty Big Bombing – No Suspects or Motive

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2019

Oh, Bjorn.

Up to his old tricks again!


The bomb squad has been dispatched to the scene to investigate an explosion in Linkoping, a town in southern Sweden. At least 19 people are confirmed injured.

The shockwave from the large blast, which took place at roughly 9am local time, destroyed nearby windows and balconies and damaged other buildings. Some 20 ambulances were also sent to the scene with at least six fire tenders in support. A local hospital has confirmed that at least 19 people sustained injuries in the blast.

“I stood in the shower and noticed that the whole house shook. It rumbled like thunder,” witness Pontus Johansson told Aftonbladet.

Police have cordoned off several blocks in the immediate area but there are, as yet, no plans to evacuate local residents.

“We started to get a large number of calls from people about a heavy explosion in central Linköping, on Hamngatan,” said Björn Öberg at the police’s management center.

The cause of the explosion is not yet known but it bears the hallmarks of gang-related attacks that have become prevalent in Sweden in recent years. Local resident Pyo Stranding posted on Twitter that it was a “terrorist attack,” though that has not been confirmed.

I’ve got a song for this.

Please just take a moment and consider the fact that we now just take it for granted that the governments of Western countries will actively, aggressively attempt to cover-up violent crimes committed by a foreign population that they have brought in to live on welfare in order to ethnically cleanse the native population.

We now take this for granted.

For granted.

When we hear about a terrorist attack or some other type of crime that is obviously committed by nonwhites, we immediately know that the police and the politicians will do everything in their power to protect the perpetrators.

It is really quite an amazing thing.