Sweden: 13-Year-Old Girl Ficki Fickied in the Middle of Town, Passersby do Nothing

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2016


It would be racist to interrupt diverse, vibrant gentlemen while they are engaging in one of their most sacred cultural traditions, dochaknow.


A group of men shouting in Arabic began to paw a 13 year-old girl in central Nassjo. But even though there were adults around, no one intervened. The girl spoke to the local newspaper.

When the local newspaper Vetlanda entry talks with the 13-year-old girl, she wants to remain anonymous. She says that she has been at the central station in Nässjö with a friend who would ride the bus.

Even when they were at the station and waited for had a bunch of guys appeared and behaved in a way that girls experienced as unpleasant. But when one girl then was on his way from there began a gang of boys aged between 15 and 20 years old sexually abused her in the center of Nässjö.

– I thought I would just go past them, for they will not do anything. Then they start talking and shouting in Arabic, I’m almost sure it was. Then I was scared! I looked at them and shouted, almost: go away, leave me!

But despite the fact that the girl was afraid the guys went together so that she could not pass. She told the local newspaper that they would not let past her, how she tried to get away. They grabbed her on the butt and chest.

It should have been adults in the vicinity, but even though the girl cried and was afraid no one responded and helped her.

– I do not understand how to think if you see several guys with a little girl crying. Take not that something is wrong then? she tells the magazine.

Translation via The Gateway Pundit.