Sweden: 11-Year-Old Beaten by Islamic Mob for Wearing Holy Cross

This is just standard now.

Infowars Europe:

An 11-year-old boy was beaten by a gang in Sweden because he was wearing a cross and declared he was a Christian, according to local media.

The child was playing football in a Malmö park Monday afternoon when an unknown number of boys approached him and asked if his cross “was due to his religion.”

After confirming it was, the gang asked if he “ate pig.”

The child was then knocked over and punched by the group who proceeded to call him a “pig bastard.”

The child escaped with an arm injury and later returned to the scene with his parents to find that his ball and shoes had been stolen.

Hate crime motives are suspected, reports Skånska Dagbladet, and police have not made any arrests.

“Immigrant-dense ghettos,” often called no-go zones, are on the rise across Sweden and have been linked to social decay and extreme crime including but not limited to arson attacks, bombings, rape and torture.

Everything is coming apart so quickly.