Swebola: The Scourge of the West

Colin Liddell
Alternative Right
May 15, 2014

A Swede in the advanced stages of Swebola.
A Swede in the advanced stages of Swebola.

You’ll have heard of Ebola, the deadly African virus that constantly threatens to break out and sweep all before it on the Dark Continent. Less well known is an even more deadly virus that is already sweeping across the continent of Europe and the West in general. It is deadly because it is still little understood. Indeed, this article represents the first time that anybody has even bothered to give it a name –Swebola.

Just as the symptoms of Ebola are terrible – severe abdominal pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, unbearable headaches, multiple organ failure, mucous membrane haemorrhaging, and necrosis – so the signs of Swebola are equally horrifying. These include a complete loss of self-respect combined with smug arrogance, severe masochism, intense gender confusion, deep loathing for one’s own race and culture, a self-destructive urge to pay heavy taxes in order to be surrounded by the most dysfunctional elements of the Third World, and a psychopathic horror of free speech. In particularly severe cases it may even manifest as an urge to be gang-raped, murdered, and set on fire, followed by a wish to ‘forgive’ the perpetrators from beyond the grave.

There is much debate in the scientific community as to which disease is more deadly, but, given its genocidal effects, Swebola is thought to be streets ahead.

Just as Ebola has its endemic hinterland in Central Africa, from where it occasionally breaks out to other areas, so does Swebola. Although it can be found in most of the Northern European countries and parts of the United States, its true centre is Sweden, a land where people can be hounded out of their jobs for simply expressing an opinion against immigration. In fact this is where the first part of the virus’s name comes from.

To understand how such a destructive virus can develop, a basic understanding of epidemiology is required. Any deadly virus is its own worst enemy because it has the power to wipe out its hosts or victim base, the group on which it ultimately depends. For this reason it is essential for a particularly dangerous virus to have a “reservoir” species, in which it can subsist between outbreaks. In the case of Ebola, it is thought to be various species of jungle bats, which can carry the virus without exhibiting clinical symptoms.
This explains the connection between Sweden and Swebola, and why that country more than any other developed as its centre. For decades and even centuries Sweden has been a liberal-lefist Northern European state, cushioned from competitive military and ethnic pressures due to its pacifist history and disinclination to colonize parts of the Third World.

This situation allowed liberal platitudes and leftist jargon to develop unchecked and to then mutate into more extreme forms of self-loathing and political correctness without leading to the severe clinical symptoms that this would normally produce. Almost any other European country, with much closer links to the wider world, would quickly have succumbed to such madness and faced immediate corrective pressures, but Sweden, due to its unique geographical and political isolation, was able to go that extra mile into extreme liberal leftism.

The country therefore became a giant collective “disease reservoir” for the madness of Swebola, rather in the same way that the bats are for Ebola, allowing it to develop in a particularly virulent direction without killing itself off. It is only in recent years that the country has had to face the self-destructive consequences of this virulence with mass immigration, no-go areas in its cities, frequent ethnic gang rape of its women, and intensified political correctness and White guilt.

But it may already be too late. Sweden is clearly doomed and the virus will lose its most important reservoir population, but, unfortunately, it may already have served its purpose. By using Sweden as a phenotype of Western society, the virus appears to have developed new pathogens and metastasized into forms that can spread easily to anywhere in the West, wherever there are people who drink Fair Trade lattes, wear fedoras, study liberal arts, believe in global warming, or think Atheism is not a religion.

In Africa, whenever someone is infected with Ebola, it is often thought an act of kindness and a precaution against the further spread of the disease to simply put them out of their misery. Similar radical measures may one day be required to halt the spread of Swebola.