Swalwell Trying to Sue Republicans for Saying Election was Stolen

Eric Swalwell is a disgusting looking individual

Virtually all speech critical of the ruling order is silenced by Facebook, Google and Twitter – but some of it slips through the cracks.

Suing people for their speech is yet another way that the Democrats are getting around the First Amendment in order to silence people’s free speech rights.

The Independent:

A Democratic congressman suing a pro-Trump lawmaker who amplified the “stolen election” narrative that fuelled the Capitol riot has hit a snag: he is avoiding being served in the suit, according to attorneys.

US Rep Eric Swalwell has even hired a private investigator to track down Republican congressman Mo Brooks, Mr Swalwell’s attorneys said in recent court filings.

“Plaintiff had to engage the services of a private investigator to attempt to serve Brooks personally – a difficult feat under normal circumstances that has been complicated further” in the aftermath of the insurrection on 6 January, according to Mr Swalwell’s attorneys.

Attorneys for Mr Swalwell allege that Mr Brooks has “refused to waive service or even speak to undersigned counsel about the case” for weeks.

An investigator “has spent many hours over many days in April and May at locations in multiple jurisdictions attempting to locate and serve Brooks, to no avail,” attorneys said.

Attorneys for Mr Swalwell have asked the court to step in and tap the US Marshals or other court-designated officials to serve the complaint.

Mr Swalwell’s 65-page complaint filed in US District Court in Washington DC also targets Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr and Rudy Giuliani, whose speeches to a crowd before a mob swamped the US Capitol on 6 January are alleged as a months-long culmination of an election conspiracy narrative that incited the deadly riot.

In his speech during a “Save America” rally on 6 January, Mr Brooks – while wearing a hat that read “Fire Pelosi” – told the crowd that “today is the day that American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass” and asked, “Will you fight for America?”

He asked the crowd to consider Americas who sacrificed “sometimes their lives” to create the “greatest nation in world history”.

“Are you willing to do the same?” he said.

The day after the insurrection, the Alabama congressman told a local radio host that Americans can “submit” as “a lot of people did in the 1920s and 1930s in socialist Germany with Adolf Hitler” or “you can resist, often through violence.”

Yeah, you can’t really say the word “violence.” That’s not what he’s being sued for. But it will come up.

Of course, he would have lost the case anyway, because all whites lose every case now. Judges are afraid.

Eric Swalwell is on the House Intelligence Committee and got caught doing sucky-sucky long time with a Chinese spy. There were no consequences. Republicans should have sued him over it, but Republicans never do anything.