Survival Tools – Dodge Chinese Hollywood Crap

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2017

9/10 ‘survival’ tools on the market are nothing more than tacticool crap. If you plan to do any camping or up your survival abilities in general, you should learn about proper tools.

Personally, the only tools I would carry are as follows:

1: 1-2 Knives. One knife is obviously enough, the only reason to carry two knives is if you have knives for different jobs. An example is I have a full tang, straight edge hunting knife for practically everything and a smaller folding knife with some serration at the back for cutting plant stems to harvest roots more easily and harvesting Birch bark (Birch bark is a good tinder). The thinner profile, as well as the fact I wont be dulling my main knife, make it worth the minimal space it takes up.

2: Pocket sharpener for my knives and matches/cheap lighters.

3: A trench shovel with a sharp edge and that can be converted into a hoe.

4: A hatchet and medium sized folding saw

5: A small-medium sized pot or pan and a metal drinking tin.

Anything else is optional and you should consider space in your pack and the weight you’re carrying. Everything you carry with you should have at least three practical applications. You may also want to carry a weapon (firearm or bow) to defend against animal attacks or hunt if it is legal to do so in your country.