Survey: The Whole World Opposes Mass Immigration (Including Sweden)

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
September 23, 2017

They say the West is free and North Korea is a dictatorship, but Kim Jong Un’s policies reflect his people’s sentiments while those of the governments of Sweden, Germany, France and America do not.

While today’s heavily sanctioned DPRK is a poor country, the fact that it’s people have electricity, food and flushing toilets makes it wealthy by African standards. If Kim promised the people of Eritrea a free apartment in Pyongyang and maximum punishments of two months in jail for raping Korean girls, there would be a line of crotch-clutching blacks out the door, just like in Europe.

But Kim won’t do that. Even if he is as crazy and eccentric as the Western press characterizes him as, he’s still not an insane genocidal Jew, nor is he in the pocket of insane genocidal Jews and plutocrats.

Yet in the West, we have zero say on the extremely vital national questions of demographics and the future. Here’s what the people really think!

The survey was taken in 25 countries across the world.


*One in five (21%) on average say that immigration has had a positive effect on their country compared with two in five (42%) who say it has had a negative impact. 

*Half (48%) on average think that there are too many immigrants in their country.

*Just under half (44%), on average, say that immigration is causing their country to change in ways that they do not like.

*When considering the economy 28% overall agree that immigration has had a positive impact (no change from 2016 or 2011). 

*Only three in ten (31%) globally believe immigrants make their country a more interesting place to live, with the highest scores seen in Britain and New Zealand (both 49%). Britain has seen a significant change since 2011 (up 16 points), becoming much more positive. Serbia (8%), Russia (10%), and Hungary (10%) are the countries with the fewest people showing positive attitudes towards immigration’s cultural impact.

*Four in ten (39%) on average want to close their borders to refugees entirely (no change from 2016) while half (51%) disagree. Those in Turkey (63%) and Hungary (61%) are most likely to agree to such a move with those in Japan (21%) and Mexico (22%) least likely.

*Three in five (59%) on average think terrorists are pretending to be refugees to get into their country. This belief is highest in Turkey and Russia (82% in both) while lowest in Spain (19%) and Serbia (36%).

*A majority of people (53%) world-wide believe most refugees coming to their country are not really refugees, but economic migrants.

*Only 43% on average are confident that refugees coming to their country will successfully integrate into their country, with Serbia (70%) and Peru (65%) being most confident.

So in other words, no clear majority anywhere on earth thinks immigration or refugees are a good thing, yet it’s happening anyway. Most of these nations are self-proclaimed “democracies.”

The only countries where immigration is explicitly or implicitly put up for referendum tend to vote against it in overwhelming numbers (Brexit, Trump, Hungary, Poland, etc.) This is all in spite of the fact that being pro open borders is the only opinion allowed on TV, in newspapers, in school and in “polite society” (also consider the increasingly restricted internet, as the Europe Union and Silicon Valley begin implementing Chinese style censorship on the last free speech safe haven of cyber discourse).

But even with all that in mind, those low numbers require more investigation as they are probably inflated. How many of the 25% of Swedish citizens saying immigration is making the country better immigrants themselves? How many people are afraid to give an honest answer to a curious stranger, something that could’ve been a factor in the unusually high British and American numbers? An honest mind assumes that they would carefully control for that, but as with all system opinion trackers, if there’s any margin to exploit in favor of the desired outcome, they will take it. 

Now that we know only 21% of the entire human race believes immigration is a net positive for their country and community, we have to drop the idea that whites are “committing suicide” and start asking why this sentiment is rarely articulated politically?

The Daily Stormer remains under attack for having the answer!