Survey Shows That Over Half of Women Reported Being Sabotaged by Other Women at Work

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2019

Your average female in the modern day workplace.

The whole concept of having women in the workplace is a sick joke. The average modern day career woman is not good at her job. They only have their jobs because of Jewish affirmative action policies that forced employers to hire women. Worse yet is how employers have been forced to promote women into managerial positions they didn’t deserve so they aren’t sued for discrimination.

The government forcing private companies to hire women is a kind of tax. They are forcing these companies to subsidize these women’s lives. If a true meritocracy were in place, none of these women would be employed, because men would be doing all of their jobs. That’s because your average man is always better than your average woman at performing and completing tasks.

Most working women today will either manage other people’s work or find a way to get men to do their work for them. They will also create all sorts of pointless drama and gossip about useless nonsense. Some will fuck their male bosses in order to gain favored status. All of this bullshit caused by working women greatly decreases the overall productivity of any organization.

A recent survey has revealed just how toxic women are inside the workplace. What’s notable is how toxic they are to other women.

Daily Mail:

Imagine turning up to work every day knowing the person sitting opposite you is doing everything in their power to push you out of your job.

That was the shocking reality for Naomi Joy, a 30-year-old former PR director from London, who witnessed and experienced ‘toxic femininity’ throughout her career.

She reveals one female colleague in her thirties once declared everyone in the office ‘hated her’, while another tricked her into making a mistake so that she would be favourite for a promotion.

It eventually led to Naomi quitting her job and penning The Liars, a psychological thriller about two rivals competing for a promotion, inspired by her own shocking experience.

While researching her book, she conducted a survey of 1,000 employed British women and found more than half claimed to have been sabotaged at work by another member of the so-called sisterhood, while more than a third (37 per cent) said they’d actually felt scared or threatened by a female colleague.

Wow, imagine that.

Women are being regularly sabotaged and threatened by their female colleagues.

So much for women supporting other women in the workplace. That concept is a fantasy created by radical feminists like Sheryl Sandberg, who have been brainwashing women into thinking that they can all become highly paid corporate executives.

The Jewish Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg has been one of the most prominent public figures who have been conning young women into believing that they can only be happy if they have some bullshit “career.”

The results of this survey should not be a surprise to anybody who understands the fundamental realities of female nature. Women are constantly competing with other women in order to acquire resources from men. Specifically, older women view younger, more attractive women as threats to them obtaining these resources. That’s why we see this type of crazy dynamic between females in the modern day workplace.

It’s also worth mentioning that the presence of women is an unnecessary and unwelcome distraction for men who are trying to get actual work done. Their presence has introduced weird nonsense like “sexual harassment” into the societal lexicon. Women can even get men fired from their jobs by making up false “sexual harassment” or “rape” claims. Women have basically turned the modern day workplace into a clown show.

Companies could eliminate “sexual harassment” if they only hired men.

There is simply no logical reason why women should be in the workplace. Being a so-called “independent career woman” does not bring women happiness. This survey proves conclusively that women are generally unhappy in the workplace. If women were truly happy working some dumb corporate slave job, they would not be sabotaging and threatening their female co-workers like this. It shows that many of these women are miserable working a 9-to-5 job and hate their life. They even try to spread their misery to others.

Unfortunately, many millennial women have been totally conned by Jewish feminism. They’ve been convinced to trade their peak fertility years when they should be starting a family to instead start a “career.” They are condemning themselves to a life of misery by doing this. That’s because women only have a small window of time to attract a quality man before they hit the proverbial wall. The fact that women can’t see how dumb of a choice this is, proves that they are incapable of logical decision making.

This survey shows that it is time to ban women from the workplace entirely. Prohibiting them from pursuing a “career” would go a long way towards increasing the happiness of women and increasing the overall work productivity of men.