Survey: Only 2 in 15 Americans are Aware of the Number of Illegal Immigrants Crossing the Border

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2019

Apparently, the American people are almost completely unaware of the number of illegal immigrants pouring across the border.

To be fair, this invasion is literally never mentioned on television at all.

What’s especially incredible is that there is no shocking video of this massive migration of people – this population transfer – as there was of the Central Asian hordes marching into Europe back in 2015.

I guess the situation in Europe taught the Jews not to show this kind of footage. But I just don’t know how it isn’t being filmed by anyone. It never shows up on the internet at all. With these numbers that are pouring in, there must be similar scenes of marching columns taking place.

Or maybe there aren’t any such scenes, because of the length of the US-Mexico border and the lack of chokepoints. I would think that geography and infrastructure would mean that if thousands of people are crossing a day, you would have daily scenes of huge numbers of people pouring across in mobs.


Less than two-in-15 American voters are aware of the soaring levels of illegal immigration across the United States-Mexico border, a new survey finds.

The latest Harvard/Harris Poll reveals that when Americans are asked how many illegal aliens are arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, only about 13 percent answer correctly. Meanwhile, about 76 percent of Americans believe illegal immigration levels are vastly lower than they actually are.

For example, there were nearly 100,000 border apprehensions in April, alone. This puts illegal immigration at the southern border on track to outpace every year of illegal immigration under former President Obama and take the U.S. back to Bush era levels. At current rates, experts project there to be 863,000 border apprehensions this Fiscal Year, though this only counts illegal aliens who are caught at the border and does not include those who successfully cross.

Since Fiscal Year 2010, the number of border crossers and illegal aliens apprehended trying to enter the U.S. has been anywhere between 300,000 to 500,000.

In the Harvard/Harris Poll, though, less than two-in-15 American voters correctly said there are between 250,000 to 500,000 border apprehensions each year. Meanwhile, more than three-in-four Americans incorrectly said there are between zero to 250,000 border apprehensions a year.

Even among Republican voters, conservatives, and Trump supporters, a plurality of 35 percent incorrectly estimated that there are only 10,000 to 100,000 border apprehensions each year.

When voters were told that there were more than 100,000 border apprehensions in the last month, the majority, about 52 percent, said they supported President Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency at the southern border to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Another 48 percent said they oppose the national emergency.

Nearly six-in-ten working class and lower middle class Americans support the national emergency, as well as almost 65 percent of American voters who live in rural communities.

Keep in mind that even Breitbart won’t tell you the actual APPREHENSION RATE.

We don’t know what the apprehension rate even is – there isn’t any way to know, given that you can’t count people that you don’t encounter at all. But it certainly isn’t 100%.

PolitiFact, of all places, actually provides us with some interesting information on this topic:

Let’s start with a 2017 Homeland Security report.

The department found that between 55 to 85 percent immigrants crossing the border illegally were apprehended or interdicted in 2016. That’s an increase from a decade ago, when the rate was between 35 to 70 percent.

The department calculates the border apprehension rate a couple of different ways. It’s important to keep in mind that each method has limitations, and its conclusion should be interpreted broadly. The federal government acknowledges that it is difficult to precisely quantify these figures.

A hard number for successful border crossings is unknowable. So the apprehension rate is calculated with migrant survey data, mathematical models and border patrol agent assessments of people who were stopped and others who got away.

It is logical that the percentage of immigrants apprehended would go down as the number of immigrants goes up, no?

It is also logical that the Department of Homeland Security would almost certainly be fudging these numbers in order to avoid causing a panic, correct?

On the other side, it is possible that because those apprehended are being detained at such a low rate, there is little effort to avoid apprehension. But the total numbers are so high that I just don’t see how the Border Patrol would be physically capable of making contact with more people than they currently are – and the April number is the suspiciously round number of 100,000.

I think it is likely that the apprehension rate is well below 50%.

I think it is more than possible that more than 300,000 people crossed in April. And I would say that it is extremely unlikely that it was fewer than 200,000.

The government has estimated that at the end of 2019, 1.5 million will have crossed. I believe we’re looking at a number closer to 4 million.

Imagine if the media were saying that every day.

But they are not.

Not even Fox News is mentioning any of the real numbers involved here – save for Tucker Carlson.

Fox and other “conservative” outlets don’t mention it because Trump doesn’t want it mentioned. He doesn’t want people to know how monumentally he’s failed this country by turning over control of the government to Jared Kushner.

Imagine at any other time in history, the population of a country being unaware that they are being invaded by a foreign population.