Survey Finds Clegg to be ‘Disgusting,’ Cameron ‘Frustrating’ and Miliband ‘Confusing’

Daily Stormer
August 18, 2014

Nigel Farage did much better than all the others, with 19% of voters being ‘Intrigued’ by him.

Every one of the mainstream British Political Parties have shown themselves to be traitors to the British people. Politicians have never been so hated by the public they are supposed to serve, as they are today.

A new survey asked people for their instant reaction to pictures of the various leaders of those parties and every single reaction to them was negative, ranging from ‘Disgusting’ for Clegg, ‘Frustrating’ for Cameron and ‘Confusing’ for Miliband.

I wonder how many people would have said ‘Traitors’ if there had been an option?

Frustrating, Disgusting and Confusing.

Daily Mail:

With less than 10 months to the next General Election, politicians are keen to make a good impression on the public.

If the findings of new research by consultants The Buzzz are anything to go by, they have a lot of work to do.

One thousand voters were shown photographs of each main party leader and asked for an instant reaction.

David Cameron frustrated the public, Ed Miliband confused them and Nick Clegg disgusted them.

Twenty-nine per cent of potential voters were ‘frustrated’ by the Prime Minister compared to Nick Clegg who left 24 per cent frustrated and 21 per cent who felt the same way about the leader of the Opposition.

Deputy Prime Minister Clegg will be shocked to find that 21 per cent of respondents find him ‘disgusting’, just ahead of his boss on 20 per cent with Mr Miliband trailing on 10 per cent.

None of the three leaders inspired positive thoughts among the polled voters – Ed Miliband’s ‘net emotional resonance’ score was -32. Mr Cameron scored -42. Mr Clegg suffered the worst score of -51.