Surprise Shocks Nation as Blacks Don’t Think Through Some Stupid Crime

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 24, 2018

Zarius Jawone Brown, Lindsey Daniels.

No shit they didn’t think it through. Blacks are too stupid to think things through.

Also, why would you steal a bobcat and a dump truck? Did they want to try to dig into a bank vault and load the truck with money?

Did they even have a plan for them or were they too stupid to think of that too?

Probably yes to that point.

Fox News:

The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office has two men in custody accused of stealing a dump truck and Bobcat skid steer from a construction site in New Orleans. Investigators say the suspected thieves apparently didn’t realize that the equipment was installed with GPS tracking devices that led them straight to the stolen items.

The suspects are identified as 31-year old Zarius Jawone Brown and 45-year old Lindsey Daniels, both of Franklinton, Louisiana. Detectives received a call from a construction company, which says equipment was stolen from a construction site and moved to rural locations in Washington Parish.

Investigators first encountered the stolen truck in the Mt. Hermon community and gave chase when the driver refused to stop. The dump truck turned onto Union Chapel Road, then suddenly stopped. When detectives began to exit their vehicle, the dump truck driver put the truck in reverse and rammed the detectives’ vehicle, pushing it 21 feet off of the roadway. The dump truck driver then exited the stolen truck and fled on foot into nearby woods.