Surprise…! CDC Now Recommending Fourth Shot…!

There are still people on the right-wing who try to argue with me about this coronavirus agenda.

But none of them will debate me.

I’ve called for any single one of them to debate me on the Ralph Show, and they will not.


The CDC has approved a fourth Covid-19 vaccine shot for adults with compromised immune systems, allowing for yet another dose amid concerns of waning immunity, as some pharma firms even hint at yearly boosters for all Americans.

Those who are “moderately and severely immunocompromised” may receive a total of four vaccine doses, including an initial two-shot inoculation, one additional dose, followed by yet another booster, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in an updated guidance on Tuesday.

The immunocompromised were the first to receive authorization for vaccine boosters back in August, with US health agencies subsequently approving additional doses for people in other high-risk categories, such as those aged 65 and older and adults more likely to be exposed to the virus.

However, for the immunocompromised, the CDC classifies a third shot as an “additional dose,” which uses the same amount of vaccine as the previous two, while the fourth jab approved on Tuesday is defined as a “booster” proper. The fourth dose uses only half the volume of the others.

Obviously, obviously, obviously – as soon as they were finished getting the third shot approved, they were going to start pushing for a fourth.

Israel did this months ago.

This is literally never going to end.

There is no going back to normal.

I hate to keep saying “I told you so.” But the reason I say that is that I’ve been so right about every step of this, and that should tell you that I’m going to keep being right.

There are still people who are either very stupid or very deluded who are still claiming that we are somehow going to go back to normal. There are people STILL saying that the government “wants us to work and consume” and that they are really trying to get things back to normal.

Please read this article, if you haven’t already:

Now They’re Admitting the Vax Does Nothing and the Fake Crisis Will Continue Indefinitely

I go through and explain the abject idiocy of the claim that we are going to go back to normal, ever, or that the goal of the government is for people to “work and consume.”

This is some kind of boomer thing, where they came to this conclusion – that the entire goal of “the system” is for people to just keep working and consuming. The logic of that falls apart if you think about it for 90 seconds, but what’s more important – there is zero evidence that the elite have this as a goal.

The actual thing that is documented in every elite text (I give a reading list in the above linked article) is that they want a global downsizing of the population, a downsizing of the way of life of the Western middle class.

That heavily documented agenda – which goes back more than 100 years – is exactly what we are seeing now. We are seeing an endless virus agenda, which has totally wrecked the economy, and we are seeing a plan to spin this virus hoax directly into the global warming hoax.

This is what’s happening. It doesn’t matter what you believe. Your beliefs cannot change reality.

There is no evidence that a primary goal of the elite is for everyone to “keep working and consuming.” Anyone who is still saying that has to be dismissed as a dense moron, or a boomer who is in total denial as his entire view of the world has been turned upside down.

They said for over a year that this was all going to go back to normal so that the elite could keep us working. We are very, very far past that now. If these people are not willing to admit they were wrong, then that is maybe sad, but it is what it is.

This is happening. It’s not going back to normal.

A very dark winter is coming.

All of the worst possible things are going to start happening very soon.

I’ve told you for almost two years now: if you want to avoid the worst of this, you have to get out of the city. You have to get out of the city.

If you’ve decided to take your chances in the city, because of some list of excuses you have, then I wish you the best. But I promise you, when things get real, that list of excuses of yours is going to look like nothing.

Most likely, you are going to lose everything you have.

The best you can hope for is to stay alive, and make it to the other side.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. This system is as broken as it is evil, and it will not last forever.

We will rebuild.

America will abide.