Surge: Syrian Terrorists Being Rushed into the Country Under Accelerated Obama Plan

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2016


A Moslem America is a strong America. Allah akber.

I often look around the United States and think to myself “what could be done to make this country better?”

Each time, I come to the same conclusion: we need more jihadis from Syria.

Thanks, Obama, you magnificent ape.

CBS News:

The first Syrian family to be resettled in the U.S. under a speeded-up “surge operation” for refugees left Jordan on Wednesday and arrived in Kansas City, Missouri, to start a new life.

Ahmad al-Abboud, who is being resettled with his wife and five children, said he is thankful to Jordan, where he has lived for three years after fleeing Syria’s civil war.

Yes, but he had to flee Jordan because they also have a brutal civil war or whatever.

But the 45-year-old from Homs, Syria, said he was ready to build a better life in the U.S.

Oh, right. There isn’t a war in Jordan. He just came for a better life.

You can’t really blame him, since it was Whites who destroyed Jordan during the Crusades.

Anyway, still a refugee.

“I’m happy. America is the country of freedom and democracy, there are jobs opportunities, there is good education, and we are looking forward to having a good life over there,” al-Abboud said.

They have been living in Mafraq, north of Amman. Al-Abboud was unable to find work, and the family was surviving on food coupons.

So sad this guy isn’t rich.

Can you believe there are racists in this country who don’t want to risk getting murdered randomly in order to help poor brown people live off of labor?

“I am ready to integrate in the U.S. and start a new life,” he told The Associated Press in Amman’s airport before the family boarded a flight to Kansas City.

Al-Abboud said he wanted to learn English and find a job to support his family.

A spokeswoman for the social services organization helping resettle the family said they arrived in Kansas City late Wednesday night.

In the airport in Amman, the family received a Kansas City Royals jersey, reports CBS Kansas City affiliate KCTV. It’s a symbol of their new hometown.


So cute.

Honestly, I’ve got tears in my eyes.

They must be so happy to be in a country that isn’t poor.

“They are literally fleeing to America because of horrific conditions they’ve experienced in their homelands,” Judy Akers, executive vice president of Della Lamb Community Services, told the station.

Yes, “literally,” as in “symbolically.”

And just because Jordan isn’t a civil war doesn’t mean it isn’t “horrific” in the sense that a lot of people who live there don’t even have PS4s.

Great point, Akers.

I sure do love freedom and the Constitution.