Surf’s Up, Homo: Bali’s Beaches Covered in Annual Plastic Flood

We can’t burn the plastic waste because of a completely discredited and moronic theory that carbon dioxide causes the weather to get warmer (which is bad for some reason no one has really explained).

So we just have to be buried under plastic, forever, and let it destroy every single ecosystem and all life on earth.

The Guardian:

Bali’s famous beaches are being strewn by plastic rubbish in what experts say is becoming an annual event thanks to monsoon weather, poor waste management and a global marine pollution crisis.

Authorities are struggling to keep up with the tide of rubbish washing up on beaches at Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, where about 90 tonnes of rubbish was collected on Friday and Saturday.

Wayan Puja, from the Badung area’s environment and sanitation agency, said: “We have been working really hard to clean up the beaches, however the trash keeps coming. Every day we deploy our personnel, trucks and loaders.”

He said more than 30 tonnes of rubbish was removed on Friday from beaches in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak and the amount doubled to 60 tonnes on Saturday.

The Indonesian government launched a national strategy in April 2020 to combat the “looming crisis” of plastic waste that was affecting the country’s marine environment and economy.

Dr Denise Hardesty, a principal research scientist at Australia’s CSIRO science agency and an expert on global plastic pollution, said there was a “tremendous amount” of plastic currently being collected from the beaches and it was getting worse each year.

I just want to make this perfectly clear, in case anyone is confused about it:

  • The reason that we are being buried in plastic waste is that there is an international policy against burning it
  • The policy is based on the theory that because burning plastic releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (it doesn’t release any other toxin, if modern methods are used), the weather will change
  • The entire ocean is filled with plastic, and it is transforming all life on earth
  • Human biology is being radically altered by the amount of plastic in the environment
  • There is no serious plan to stop creating plastic
  • Plastic is actively destroying the world while billions and billions of dollars are put into forwarding repeatedly and definitively disproven theories about the weather

It’s just exhausting.

But it’s like everything else in this world: it is lies built upon lies, built upon lies.

It’s an infinite Jenga tower of lies, where you keep pulling out old lies and putting them on top of the new lies.

The Jewish theory is that this tower of lies is never going to collapse because… because they are God’s chosen people, or whatever.