Supreme Court to Stop Brilliant Republican Plan to Redraw Voting Districts Along Racial Lines

Daily Stormer
December 7, 2016

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This Jew only wants what’s best for us goyim.

In a multi-racial democracy, the demographics of electoral districts will determine who’ll win the race.

Liberals know this. In fact, it was always part of their plan.


Liberals exchange gibsmedats for votes.

Liberals have relentlessly pushed for the colored hordes to be moved into White communities. The effect of this, of course, is that the voting pattern of those communities would shift leftwards.

Being acutely aware of this phenomenon, they’re resisting any attempt to redraw the electoral map tooth and nail.

Los Angeles Times:

A Supreme Court majority on Monday appeared to lean in favor of Democrats in Virginia and North Carolina seeking to rein in what they call racial gerrymandering by Republican-controlled legislatures in those states.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who is likely to hold the deciding vote, said he was troubled that Republican leaders drew new election maps by moving more black voters into districts that already had a majority of African American residents and usually favored black candidates.


Yeah, I’m sure you’re real “troubled.”

What happened to all your beautiful speeches about everyone being equal? I thought there was no such thing as racial voting patterns? Are you saying all of this “diversity” agenda was a hoax all along?

It’s funny how liberals will drop all all semblance of their “equality” ideology as soon as it would hurt them to continue pretending that race doesn’t exist.

They do the same thing with crime statistics.

“Oh, you can’t say that Blacks are more criminal than Whites!”

“Oh, you can’t discriminate against ex-felons, that would be racist against Black people!”


It ain’t easy being a liberal.

None of them believe this crap. It’s just a scam they perpetuate to accelerate our dispossession.

This is also why there’s not much point in making long intellectual arguments proving that Blacks are stupid and violent, and that equality is a lie. Nobody believes this nonsense in the first place – especially not liberals.

Civil rights lawyers and Democrats have contended these “packed” districts have the effect of diluting or weakening the political power of black and Latino voters in other districts and statewide.

Concentrating people in one area isn’t “diluting” them. That’s the opposite of diluting. it’s just that since blacks vote as a block, it’s more convenient to liberals to spread them around to ensure a Democrat victory in as many places as possible.

In fact, it’s you who wants to “dilute” White people‘s votes by swamping them with foreigners.

“I have problems with that,” Kennedy said, suggesting he would question such districts if the “tipping point, the principal motivating factor was race.”

The principal motivating factor is to fight back against the Democrat’s schemes to kike up our communities.

Hopefully, this issue lingers on long enough that Trump’s supreme court appointee will be able to weight in on the vote.