The Plan is Unfolding on Schedule: Texas GOP Calls for Secession!

As I have told you, the purpose of the Texas election lawsuit was not to win, but to set a framework for secession.

It was set up perfectly to make the statement that if the suit was rejected, it would mean that in the eyes of Texas, the federal government is no longer a legitimate entity.

It was also designed to allow for other states to sign on – and a total of 18 states did sign on.

This is the map:

This suit created a situation where Republican states were issuing an ultimatum to the feds.

On Friday, the suit was unceremoniously rejected by the Supreme Court.

Donald Trump was also a signatory to the suit, and this was his last real opportunity to get a hearing before the Supreme Court before the electoral college casts their votes on Monday.

And now: guess what the Texas Republican Party is calling for.

A statement issued by Texas GOP Chairman Allen West in response to the court’s decision says: “Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a union of states that will abide by the Constitution.”

Here’s the first thing to process and to rejoice in: this is no longer an Andrew Anglin fringe fantasy. This is now a part of the mainstream conversation, having been introduced by a major political institution. The issue is now on the table. That is a massive step in the right direction.

Frankly, I didn’t expect this to come together so easily.

All we need now is for Donald Trump to sign on, and we can start demanding referendums.

Of course, we don’t have to have Donald Trump on board, but that would make it a lot easier. I don’t see any reason he wouldn’t support it. He’s going to end up in prison, or have to flee the country, if he is removed from office by this coup.

It’s not going to be easy with or without Donald Trump, and I’m actually a bit suspicious about the fact that the Texas GOP was so quick to call for it.

However: I’m frankly not totally clear on which financial interests would be behind this, but I would say that the Texas oil industry would massively benefit from it, and they’re obviously the primary local financial interest attached to the Texas GOP. Exxon Mobile is the second biggest company in the United States.

Presumably, virtually every other domestic industry operating in the targeted states would be supportive of secession, if all things were equal. Of course, all things are not equal – both the tech industry and the entertainment media industry are run by ideological lunatics and Jews, and this is going to be the case for various other big business interests across America.

Corporate politics are just not something that I’m an expert in. But they are very important here, because the very first question is going to be: where is the money going to come from?

Will Rush Limbaugh Endorse?

On Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh said that we are “trending toward secession.” He highlighted the cultural gap between actual America and the coasts, and said that people in his circles are increasingly beginning to mutter about secession.

(Someone maybe got a vague shoutout in the form of “bloggers – I can’t think of names right now.”)

He said: “I haven’t made up my mind.”

On Friday, after the media claimed that he was “calling for” secession, he said that he hasn’t called for secession, that he had simply said that things are “trending in that direction.” (This is true. He didn’t call for it and explicitly said that he is still thinking about it.)

At the end of this clarification, he said that he “probably wouldn’t” advocate secession.

I get the feeling that he actually would. I definitely get the feeling that if there was a movement supporting it, he would not go out there and oppose it. He said that his position has always been that we should create awareness and vote for change. But we tried that already, and it didn’t work. (Rush has been hard on the fraud, unlike Tucker.)

Rush is one of the big figures I have listed as someone who would be a big help. The other major one is Joe Rogan. I’ve more or less given up on Tucker Carlson, frankly. He could end up surprising us all, but right now, I feel betrayed. I feel that I’ve been cucked by the Tuck.

Your Job

If there wasn’t money coming from somewhere, then I don’t think the GOP’s statement would be calling for secession. But I do not have a clear picture of how that all lines up. However, that is something that is out of our hands, whatever the situation is, and so we’re required to focus on things that are in our hands. The only thing that is in our hands, actually, is agitation.

As I said from the beginning, as I said on November 6, the long-term goal of opposing the election fraud was to set us up for a secession movement. As I have said: even if Trump were to win, we would want secession. There is an unbridgeable philosophical gap, buffered by an increasingly large genetic black hole, separating the American people, and there is no reality in which we can come to terms with one another.

Even if you were to remove all of the Jews from America tomorrow, you would have an army of white people – women in particular – who have gone all in on a lunatic belief system, and you would have this ever-expanding blob of nonwhites, stretching out through our society like gray goo. There is no conceivable reconciliation here. Either one side is going to have to crush the other side, or there is going to have to be separation.

What Donald Trump has done is highlight the fact that these differences are irreconcilable. That means that we can make this case to the boomers. This election theft has caused them to lose all faith in the system. They are ready to go. We need to continue these rallies, we need to get the people aware of the fact that this is on the table. The biggest thing is simply talking about it, and obviously, I’m the main figure promoting this and I am now totally censored, and incapable of reaching the masses of people, so I rely on intelligent people to come here and read this site and spread the memes themselves.

But there is another very important thing that We the People can do, and it is something that I’m good at doing and that Nick Fuentes is good at doing: we need keep the movement from being hijacked.

I’ve listed the big three that I wanted to support the movement: Rush Limbaugh, Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson. I think we’re going to get two of those three, and there are a handful of other relevant figures that could go either way.

But more important than getting certain influencers on board is to keep certain influencers off-board. The thing that we absolutely do not want is to allow scum to come in and sabotage us by pretending to support us. We do not need any Charlie Kirks or MILOs. Weird people in general are something we do not need. When the winds start blowing in the secession direction, there are going to be a lot of people trying to stand up and put themselves at the front of things, like there were with every other destroyed right-wing movement.

The Tea Party was famously destroyed by infiltrators. I would say that Phase Two of the Trump movement itself was destroyed by infiltrators. If Charlie Kirk hadn’t been at the center of the lobbying influence circle of the Trump Administration, Trump likely would have made internet censorship a main issue in 2017, which ultimately would have made the coronavirus hoax impossible, which would have meant no vote by mail, which would have meant a landslide election win.

Charlie Kirk, being a figurehead of various business interests and just Jews generally, is a bad actor who infiltrated the movement. Notably, the reason he was able to do this is that the political capital of the Alt-Right was exploded by another bad actor, Richard Spencer, who first solicited Nazi salutes on camera (“Heilgate”), and then organized Charlottesville. People forget this: the Alt-Right was mainstream in 2016, and we had people who were on the transition team before Heilgate, and they were all rooted out because of that cute little event.

I know things about this that I can’t say, but you surely do not know how good things could have been in terms of our people having the ear of the president. We wouldn’t have been able to convince Trump to bulldoze Holocaust museums, but at the very least, we would have been able to get him to address the censorship issue with the vigor he is now addressing it with.

All of this is to say: a single bad actor allowed to act with impunity can destroy the good work of thousands of men, and this fact needs to be right in the front of all of our brains as we move into this new phase.

Nick Fuentes must be the unquestioned figurehead of the movement. He should make the decisions, but all of us need to be on the lookout for bad actors. I don’t think Charlie Kirk himself is likely to actually show up, but people from his movement will show up, and people like him will show up.

Tell People

Because of the censorship, we are largely reduced to word of mouth. But word of mouth was always going to be more powerful than the internet, as someone talking to you in real life is always going to be more powerful than reading something.

Each of you need to do as much as you can to inform other people of this agenda. I’m telling you as a matter of fact: the people are finally ready to hear it. I’ve not heard one single boomer say this is a bad idea. In fact, when they hear it, they pause, and say: “I’ve never thought of that before. That is a really good idea.”

It makes basic sense to people, and it is not too fantastical to seem unachievable.

The basic groundwork is a bunch of people talking about secession. That is necessary for anything to move forward.

Don’t underestimate the power you have in simply talking to your friends and influential local people about this. Soon, I’m going to put together a list of bulleted-up talking points that will work in conversations with different types of people who have different immediate concerns (obviously the concerns of people in blue and purple states are going to be bigger, but their support is also important).

The other thing that we have to do is keep the energy levels high. Trump being involved would be the best way to do that, because he always delivers the energy. But either way, we need to keep the energy high. It’s unfortunate that we’re going into the coldest months right at this crucial juncture, but we need to continue to be on the street as much as possible.

Most importantly of all: trust the plan.

We’ve got an event today in Washington, D.C., which we will be livestreaming at 12 noon EST.