Supreme Court Finally Does Something Good, Says Asylum Seekers Can’t Appeal Deportation Order

After going totally anal and immigrant, the Supreme Court finally gave a win to whites.


In a win for the Department of Homeland Security, the Supreme Court said Thursday that a Sri Lankan farmer who lost his bid for asylum in the United States after immigration officials ordered his removal could not challenge that decision in federal court.

The ruling will keep courthouse doors closed to asylum seekers in expedited removal processes who say they cannot return home because they have a credible fear of torture or even death.

The ruling is a win for the Trump administration, which has attempted to dramatically limit who’s eligible for asylum in the US, though it likely won’t have an immediate impact since the vast majority of asylum seekers are currently barred from entering the country following new coronavirus border restrictions.

Seven justices sided with the government in the case, but only five — all conservatives — signed onto the majority opinion penned by Justice Samuel Alito.

Alito said that the petitioner in the case, Vijayakumar Thuraissigiam, “does not want ‘simple release’ but, ultimately, the opportunity to remain lawfully in the United States.”

I don’t think they really could have managed to rule any differently on this, but it’s good to know that immigrants who are told they have to leave can’t go run under Democrat skirts.

Now, we just need the deportation orders.

Too bad those are impossible to get…