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Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2016


So, we won a major victory this month in our fight to liberate the White race from the Jews.

With kek’s guidance, we memed a top troll into the White House.

Seriously. That happened.

Since the election, this site’s traffic has had an added 30% traffic, which has held steady for two weeks.

With approximately 140,000 unique visitors a day, we are approaching the top 20,000 global websites mark on Alexa.

In fact, we’ll be there later this week.

According to Alexa, that makes us the 52nd most read newspaper in the United States, and within the top 100 newspapers in the world.

The only reason we are not in the top 1,000 sites on the internet and among the top 20 most read news sites is that we have no money. The SPLC/ADL Jew terrorist alliance has blocked us from running ads, and in fact blocked us from even receiving donations online. Thus, our growth has been seriously held back.

As such, if you enjoy what we do here, and more importantly, if it matters to you that this information be spread to a larger audience, I ask that you take the time to either put a check, money order or cash into an envelope and send it to us, or send some bitcoin (guide to using bitcoin – you should be learning this for personal reasons anyway; if you’re American, Coinbase is about as easy as PayPal).

In this time after the election, with Trump rising, we have a very great opportunity to bring millions more people into our movement, and so far, the Daily Stormer has proven to be far and above the most successful at accomplishing this goal.

For it is here that the memes are born (well, here and /pol/ and TRS).


This was made clear at the recent ADL conference – we are viewed as the main threat to their agenda (based on the paper they released, wherein myself, weev and Lee Rogers are the only people mentioned by name).

The Future

I promised to hire writers to provide more articles, and I have done that. The one thing I haven’t done yet is start a podcast, but I am still planning to do that when time allows.

Moving forward, I would like to get more writers on-board. It is also going to be necessary to revamp the presentation of the site with a new look.

The more writers there are, the more stories there are, and the more time I have personally to work on major trolling operations, as well as write longer things (other than just the news).

I also am making preparations to move the Book Clubs into PHASE II, and that is a huge thing.

Beyond that, I’m trying to write a book.

So, you know – lots going on.

We were the vanguard of the Alt-Right and now we are the vanguard of the Republican party. This is where it is all happening.

Stormer Book Clubs – Do Your Part!


A couple of the Stormer Book Clubs have sent in money, and this is a great idea, which I would like to encourage.

When you have a SBC meeting, pass around a hat, and send in the shekels. This makes it so only one person in your group has to take the time to get an envelope and stamp and a pen (hard to find a pen these days, lol) and send it in.

If each other these clubs can come up with $50-100 a month, that will be a huge boost in our income. And I think you can all afford $5-10 each.

My Personal Problems

The other thing here is that I am working way too much, and eventually going to completely burn out. For the last year, I’ve been working 80 hour weeks, with zero days off. It’s just too much to do indefinitely. I’ve got girlfriend problems, family problems, and I’m not even making gains at the gym.

Eventually, I am going to burn out. Sometimes, I feel my work is already suffering because I’m so overworked, and if I were able to work a few 8 hour days a week (instead of 7 12-14 hour days), the quality of the work would go up.


The other thing is – please don’t send me email, because I don’t read it. It just isn’t possible. Some of you have sent me angry emails because I don’t answer previous emails, but 100% real here – virtually none of it is even getting read.

If we had more money, I could hire an assistant to deal with some of this stuff, to filter the emails and forward to me the ones that are most important. But that isn’t possible right now.

So, I apologize to all of you who write to me and don’t get answers. I wish I could sit down and read and respond to all of your emails. But I can’t.

I am not trained in managing a company – all I ever wanted to do was promote Neo-Nazism on the internet – but I think I’m overall doing a pretty good job. And we will continue to expand and improve the site, continue to reach more people, as money allows.

Donation Methods



Cash or a check can go to this address:

Andrew Anglin
6827 N. High Street, Suite 121
Worthington, Ohio

Any currency is fine, and cash can easily be sent in an envelope (just make sure it’s wrapped well enough that you can’t see it when you hold the envelope up to the light). As far as I’m aware, nothing has ever gotten lost in the mail.

Thank you all.

Especially thanks to those who send in money and don’t leave an email address for me to send a thank you. Especially the guy who sent the big two checks the other month – tried to look you up and couldn’t find you, bro.

It is all very, very much appreciated.

All I care about is stopping these kikes. And I have a plan to do it.

We just need your support to make my dream of stacks of lampshades as far as the eye can see a reality.

Hail Victory.


Check out these banners!

Which one do you all like?

They’re all better than the one I made that’s up there now, lol.

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