Support Grows for White Cop Who Rightly Executed Gangsta-Rapping, Cigar-Stealing, Gun-Grabbing “Unarmed Teen”

Daily Stormer
August 19, 2014

Supporters of Darren Wilson demonstrating on his behalf.

We are all Darren Wilson now.

The Root:

Over the last week, thousands of residents of Ferguson, Mo., have protested the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Brown’s death has sparked rallies throughout the country as well as international support. Protesters and members of the press have been teargassed, shot with wooden bullets and arrested for exercising their right to peaceful assembly.

But there are some detractors who believe that Brown is not the real victim of the shooting on Aug. 9. The real victim is Darren Wilson, the officer responsible for killing Michael Brown. Supporters say that his character is being assassinated by the media, reports The Guardian.

Roughly 150 supporters of Wilson protested in front of the offices of KSDK, the station that aired footage of Wilson’s home.

The crowds are demanding that he be given a fair hearing.

“He was doing his job, and now, because of public uproar in Ferguson, he is being victimized. He is being victimized by the whole city, the state and the federal government,” said protest attendee Kaycee Reinisch.

The rally for Darren Wilson was organized through the Support Darren Wilson Facebook page, reports ThinkProgress. A fundraiser has also been set up online and has raised almost $9,000 to support legal fees for Wilson.

One online donator said, “As a retired officer I have run into thugs like Mike Brown also. Why do we let the media make a hero out of a thug and a criminal out of a good officer.”

Instead of looting and rioting, the White folks write down their support and best wishes for Darren.

The tension continues to grow.

Race war has come to America.

Keep your chin up, White Man.  This is the end of the beginning.

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