Support for White Girl Whose Face was Seriously Damaged After Gang Attack by Blacks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2015

Jessica Byrnes: Before and after being culturally enriched by vibrant diversity
Jessica Byrnes: Before and after being culturally enriched by vibrant diversity

A White woman was brutally attacked – to the point where she suffered facial deformation – and her mother has put up a crowd-funding page for her.

Her GoFundMe page reads:

Jessica was a victim of a brutal attack on July 26, 2015, after a fun afternoon of swimming turned awry.  While sitting in her boyfriend’s car, with the window down at a convenience store in Blanchard, Louisiana, Jessica and her boyfriend were harassed and attacked  by 4 or 5 black males.

After her boyfriend was able to escape their attack, they threw a brass pipe through the passenger’s window. It flew across the front of Jessica face and damaged 12 of her front teeth. Half her top lip was ripped from her face and her lower lip endured a deep gash from one of her teeth that were knocked out.

Store video surveillance

She’s going to need at least 4 tooth implants, maybe 6.  Each implant costs $2000. Thankfully, she does have medical and dental insurance. But it isn’t going to cover all the expenses she will incur to repair her face and teeth. Jessica is a very bright, sweet, kind-hearted 18-year old woman. She attended Caddo Middle Magnet and Caddo Magnet High and Captain Shreve High schools.  She loves art and singing and playing the harmonica. She was a member of her school choir.  She attends Airline Drive Church of Christ.

Please help this innocent, young woman be able to pay for the medical and dental expenses necessary to restore her beautiful face. Jessica speaks out about what happenedMore from Jessica

Any donation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your compassion and generosity.

I am Jessica’s boyfriend’s mother and I’m taking care of Jessica and seeing to her needs. Therefore, you can rest assure any donated funds will go to the repair of Jessica’s  face and mouth.

I encourage everyone to donate! If you don’t to the Daily Stormer because you can’t be bothered sending it in the mail because the Jews shut down my PayPal, please send any money you would have sent to me to this poor girl!

And do it quickly, because the page will likely be shut down soon enough – because as we all know, it is pure and unadulterated racist hatred to name the race of your attackers, if they are Black. All non-racists know that this could just as easily have been Whites or Mongolian mountain people who gang-attacked this defenseless woman and knocked all her front teeth out, so the only reason her mother would mention that it was Blacks on the GoFundMe page is because of pure hate.

Come on, Stormers. I think we can kick the $7,132 she’s already got up to $20,000 in no time!

Even if you can’t donate, please share this with everyone you know!

Donate Now!

Let’s get Jessica looking like her normal, beautiful self again!