Support for Archetypal Avatar Phil Robertson Continues to Mount

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2013

The White Man Returns: Phil Robertson, a masculine Christian family man, stands as an avatar of White American society.
The White Man Returns: Phil Robertson, a masculine Christian family man, unbowed and unbroken, stands as an avatar of traditional White American society.

The people are demonstrating that they have no desire to be sucked into the Jewish media world of gay sex, black liberation, atheism and other sickening degeneracy as they continue to rally round in support of our new cultural avatar, Phil Robertson.

The “I Stand by Phil” petition has now reached and surpassed its goal of 250,000 signatures.

People, whether they understand consciously or not, understand on a subconscious level – they know it in their bones – that in supporting Phil, they are supporting something much bigger than Phil. They are supporting everything which American society, and White European society going all the way back to Greece and Homer, represents. They are standing against the new society which has been brought down upon us by the Jews, where having anal sex is the most important activity anyone can ever engage in and questioning the alleged oppression of the blacks is a form of religious blasphemy.

The Jews bit off a lot more than they could chew giving these guys a show. The plan was to make it a “laugh at the stupid rednecks” show, and instead of laughing at them, the American people, desperate for a form of entertainment that represented their biologically-developed and intrinsic value system, began laughing with them.

Now they have created a Great White Monster that they cannot crush, and are once again proceeding to give the game away, just like with the “bomb Syria for the Jews” debacle, as they demonstrate that White Christian society simply won’t be allowed to exist anymore in a nation ruled by Jews.