Support Dennis! – Another Nationalist Activist Imprisoned for Defending Himself at Charlottesville

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2017

Dennis was arrested for “assaulting” an Antifa scumbag who was aggressively approaching him. This hog may have even been trying to pepper spray Dennis.

Regardless of the facts in the case, Shaun King (the white guy making money off pretending to be black) managed to dox him. The heavily corrupt Charlottesville police department and the Jewish Mayor Signer were all to eager to ruin this man’s life. He had a decent paying job in Indiana before getting fired for this.

Dennis needs help for commissary and legal support. Here is his Goy Fund Me. I have met Dennis personally and he’s a great person and loyal activist.


A Charlottesville judge is withholding bond against an Indiana man accused of assault.

Thirty-seven-year-old Dennis Lloyd Mothersbaugh appeared via video in Charlottesville General District Court Tuesday, October 10. He had been taken into custody by the Jennings County Sheriff’s Office in Northern Vernon on September 28. Authorities later extradited Mothersbaugh to Virginia.

Investigators said a video posted to social media shows Mothersbaugh assaulting a woman as a crowd left Charlottesville’s Emancipation Park during the Unite the Right rally on August 12.

He is charged with assault and battery.

It is noteworthy how much teeth had to be pulled just to get them to arrest the violent criminal Deandre Harris despite damning video evidence provided by the victim. The Charlottesville PD is totally unwilling to do its job, yet at the same time the city will deny bond to men accused of misdemeanors.

This is the kind of crap governments in unstable third world countries pull on political opponents.

Let’s show Dennis some love so that he doesn’t feel alone. Soon we will have information so you can write him and send books and cash to his commissary. Chances are they will put him in protective custody. The solitary confinement of prisoners in PC is arguably worse than death, which is why the Charlottesville prosecutor is denying them bail.

Free all Charlottesville political prisoners!