“Superhero” Vaccine: Stanford Scientist Wants Mass Gene Therapy to “Upgrade” People’s DNA



Finally, we’re ready to have an honest discussion about just what exactly is going on with these gene therapy “vaccines.”

Apparently, this was always a gigantic genetic engineering program!

Who could have possibly imagined such a thing? 

Wales Online:

A groundbreaking “superhero” vaccination based on the DNA code of Olympic athletes could transform society within a decade, a top genetic scientist has claimed.

The jab would provide lifelong protection against three of the top ten leading causes of death, according to one of the world’s most cited experts.

The so-called “superhero” jab could offer simultaneous, long-term protection against heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease – as well as liver disease – thanks to advances in genetic engineering.

It will deliver the blueprint of ‘ideal’ cells from men and women whose genes are more disease-resistant than those of the average person, together with an ‘instruction manual’ to help the body “repair, tweak and improve” its own versions.

A single dose could lead to a “body-wide genetic upgrade” that would cut the risk of premature death in some adults by as much as 50 per cent.

As we told you at the time, one very big aspect of the so-called “coronavirus vaccine” was the ability to dump hundreds of billions of dollars into the development of a delivery mechanism for gene therapy.

This program to build a “superhuman vaccine” is based on that research – which was funded in large part by Anthony Fauci’s “Operation Warp Speed,” which was signed off on by Donald Trump.

If breakthroughs in genome research and technology continue to evolve at the same rapid pace, the vaccine could be widely available worldwide in just 10 years, according to Euan Ashley, Professor of Medicine and Genetics and the Associate Dean at Stanford University.

Professor Ashley, 49, is the founding director of Stanford’s Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease and its Clinical Genomics Program.

Professor Ashley

He said: “Genomic medicine has been promised for decades, but thanks to advances in the field we are now reaching the stage where that promise is set to become reality, ushering in a bold new era of medical treatments.

We will soon have the genetic engineering tools to repair, tweak and improve DNA associated with a host of life-limiting diseases, to make us all less prone to developing these illnesses across our lifetimes.

“This isn’t, of course, to say that we can make people live forever, and we can’t guarantee life expectancy will increase, but it is likely premature deaths could be avoided in many cases.

“Advances in DNA modification mean the number of people with ‘superhuman’ genes—those who are more disease resistant—is no longer science fiction but, in the coming years, absolute science fact.”

“Potentially millions of people could be impacted by this technology – a superhero jab, for want of a better description.

“This has the potential to greatly reduce the burden of diseases with a genetic component such as Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease, coronary heart disease and associated conditions such as strokes, and vascular dementia.

“It is not only possible, but probable, that such a jab will become available in the next 10 to 15 years, with the benefits of that treatment becoming apparent within the next two to three decades.

“If we modelled on fatal heart attacks alone then the new treatment could lead to as much as a 50 per cent reduction in incidence.”

CRISPR technology had seen rapid development in the years before the coronavirus hoax, but there were various problems with the in vivo delivery mechanism (i.e., the ability to change the genes of someone who is currently already born).

What the mRNA technology developed for the “coronavirus vaccine” means is that they can now begin developing large scale gene alteration programs.

This kind of genetic engineering of people who are already born was considered impossible even in science fiction relatively recently. If you watch the film Gattaca (1997) for example, humans were genetically engineered before birth, and it was impossible for them to change their genes after they’d been born.

(Editor’s note: Search Yandex.com for “Gattaca full” for the full movie.) 

CRISPR changed that, and it was only a matter of figuring out how to do it.

Those billions from “Operation Warp Speed,” a program which organized the departments of every major university on the planet, were poured into solving this issue.

Professor Ashley said ongoing advances in the genome editing tool CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) will lead to “very significant” developments in the treatment of serious disease within the next decade.

They are already considered to be easier and cheaper to make at scale.

He said: “Gene editing is now coming of age, bringing with it the exciting possibility of preventing serious diseases in the population before they develop.

“Not everyone will be susceptible to these diseases but, for those who are, this will be a revolutionary new approach to preventing disease.

There is still much to do, not least in terms of ensuring the medicine is safe, and nothing in genetic medicine is ever guaranteed, but as it now stands it looks likely that we may be able to avert a large number of heart attacks and strokes and perhaps many other diseases to keep people healthy and happy for longer.”

Of course, the very same people talking about modifying your genes to prevent heart attacks have flatly refused to regulate the food industry that is causing the heart attacks. Because the same people who locked you in your house against your will, destroyed your business, stripped you of your free speech rights, and took all of the rest of your civil liberties, claim that regulating the food industry would be “against freedom.”

What it appears is that the current drive to mass vaccinate everyone with this “coronavirus vaccine” gene therapy injection is the beginning of a program of mass genetically engineering the entire world in order to serve some purpose that we do not fully understand.

Of course, we won’t be able to understand it, because all public discussion of the vaccine and its implications has been banned completely.

Of course, I can sit here and type about it. And weird QAnon people can make memes, speculating. And so on. But there can’t be any public discussion with experts, because the experts are afraid of having their lives and careers destroyed, so they are all remaining silent. Probably most of them who are asking questions privately think they’re going insane.

Internet censorship truly is the worst thing that has ever happened in history.

It’s even worse than when they retconned Wolverine to make it so his claws were actually bone, and not prosthetics installed by the Weapon X program.