Supergirl, The Feminist Mandingo Sex Fantasy Show for Preteen Girls, Is Finally Canceled!

Well, something positive has finally happened: the top show encouraging young white girls to have interracial sex with black men has been canceled.


Supergirl will soon say goodbye to The CW. The sixth season of Supergirl, which debuts in 2021 on The CW, will be its last. (Disclosure: The CW is a joint venture between Warner Bros and CBS, owner of CNET.)

The CW, Warner Bros. Television, and Berlanti Productions announced the news in a statement on Tuesday. Supergirl will have a 20-episode final season, which will begin production later this monthSupergirl originally debuted on CBS in 2015 before joining The CW for Season 2 in 2016. The show followed the adventures of Superman’s younger cousin Kara Zor-El.

This show was literally the most Jewish thing ever. We’ve written about it before (although unfortunately all of the images are missing from every article before 2016, the sort of thing that happens when you don’t have any money – please give us money).

It was marketed to girls around the age of 8 to 14, and the superhero girl who could do anything decided that the one thing she wanted to do above all else was get railed by Mandingo.

The actress who played Supergirl, commenting on the show’s cancelation, openly said that the show was intended to influence little girls.

The little girls watching the show see a pretty blonde girl, who is not only a princess, but an empowered feminist princess who is able to beat on men.

With all that power, the one thing she wants most is to have her pussy beat on by an African tribesperson.

Every white woman’s fantasy is to have a penis thrusting in and out of her vagina and to look up from her moans and see this:

The show did the standard thing you would expect it to do: it started out with Jimmy Olsen, who is black in the show (J-Dawg Olsen, perhaps), being just a friend of Supergirl, seen around the office and acting like a totally civilized gentleman.

As the show progressed – I think it was in the third season – the two became romantically involved.

So, they led you in. They gave the audience of preteen and young teen girls this pretty blonde girl, who is also powerful (every girl’s dream!), and then over time, they lead the audience into realizing that what every pretty, empowered princess wants is to have dirty, dirty jungle sex.

Of course, I knew where it was going because I’m an OG comics fan. Jimmy Olsen from the comics is a ginger nerd who marries Supergirl. But of course, in real life, ginger nerds do not get hot babes. Especially in current year.

There was also a white boy who liked Supergirl, and he was portrayed as a total nerd and a beta male loser, who was put in the friendzone by Supergirl.

Of course, it is an obvious fact that most white men are beta male pussies who believe in feminism and so “respect women” and thus cannot ever be respected by women, while black men are all like, “bitch I ain’t even gibs da fugg bout you ass, I be da beed a boop a doop de wop.” White women are necessarily going to be drawn to black men because so many white men are feminists – however, white women also recognize that having sex with black men is dirty and shameful, which is why they need shows like this to tell them it’s okay.

Although the show was obviously intended for preteens, the Jewish media promoted the idea that adults should watch it.

The Daily Beast said that the show promoted refugees. I only skimmed one or two episodes, and didn’t see it promoting refugees, but I’m sure it did. It pretty much promoted everything. Because, as I say every time I get a chance to say it: the empowerment of women is the gateway to every other evil on earth.

In the Bible, it is literally the gateway to evil, in that Eve was the one who initially rebelled against God and ended paradise. The woman is the natural ally of Satan (Jews).

(Note: God never explained to Adam that he would need to keep that bitch in line, and thus the fact of the matter is that He must have wanted Eve to betray Him and to betray Adam so that the world would be created. Just so, God wants us to struggle with women now, because that struggle is part of the process of creation. We are failing that test in that we have now been conquered by women.)

The show also promoted trannies, and was possibly the first major TV show to feature a real tranny playing a tranny (now Netflix is airing a show with a literal real-life child tranny, but back in the old days of 2018, this was very edgy).

This show being canceled is kind of a big deal. It’s part of the CW Network series of DC comics shows, all of which are extremely popular. It started with Green Arrow, and is thus known as the “Arrowverse.”

Supergirl was always front and center on the promos.

This is despite the fact that Supergirl had the second-lowest audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, beaten only by Batwoman, another empowered feminist show (in that show Batgirl is a lesbian).

Despite Batwoman being so poorly reviewed, more people were watching it than were watching Supergirl.

It’s actually somewhat surprising that the show was canceled, given that we are entering into a time when people are going to need a whole lot of new media to keep them docile.

Given the fact that movie theaters are closed permanently due to the coronavirus hoax, I would not be surprised if Warner Bros. is planning to meld the characters from the Arrowverse shows with their own streaming service, which will also be melded with their current cinematic universe storylines. It is unlikely that studios will keep making 90 minute films and trying to sell them on streaming services. Disney was streaming Mulan for $30, and I really cannot imagine that many people were paying for it. The numbers are secret, of course, so we don’t know if that worked. If it did work then they might keep making theater-type films, but I seriously doubt it.

The other big reason they made movies for the theater is that they figured out a way to prevent people from pirating them. There is no way to prevent the piracy of a video on the streaming services – a Mulan torrent was out the day it was released on stream.

More than likely, all entertainment is going to move to a serialized show format, and will be sold through these streaming services. For the convenience of the streaming service, people will usually pay the $13 or whatever it is – they don’t lose a lot of money to piracy because it is so cheap. With everyone basically locked in their houses indefinitely, I’m sure these services are seeing a boost in subscriptions.

Now that it is established that Jimmy Olsen is a black guy, he will have to be a black guy in all future productions (they complained when Christopher Nolan made Catwoman white, because she had been established as black in film already; Catwoman is black in the new Batman film). So, I think we can expect a new Supergirl show coming down the pipe. When it’s on a streaming service, they can show the sex, like Marvel did with their interracial sex show, Jessica Jones. That show’s sex scenes were celebrated by the media, because they showed the super-powered female able to overpower the big black man – and then choosing to submit to him (definition of consent, apparently).

Now that I’m thinking about it, I do believe that every single female superhero has a black lover.

No, It’s Not the Jews’ Fault Women are Grimy Sluts

Many white knights want to blame Jews for the behavior of women, and like I always say, the only thing worse than a white knight is a white knight who blames Jews for women’s behavior.

Obviously, Jews do promote interracial sex to white women, and they are trying to destroy the white race by doing so. However: imagine if there was a show featuring a white man having sex with a black woman – would men start having sex with black women on a large scale? Obviously, the answer is no.

Women are already filthy sluts. They are born sluts. Eve was in the Garden of Eden – a literally perfect place – and she had to go find the single thing she wasn’t supposed to do and do it. The nature of women is that they seek to cause chaos and destruction, to harm that which is good. This is the challenge of reality: in order to breed, you have to be able to control one of these skanks, to use that passageway between her legs to create your spawn before she totally destroys you.

The Jews exploit the nature of women to hurt society, but in any society where you allowed women to do whatever they wanted to do, all of their decisions would be bad.

You have to imagine the mind of a white knight, where he says both that women should be able to make choices and also that when women are allowed to make choices, they are so soft-minded that they will choose whatever is suggested to them by a comic book TV show. These white knights are the cancer. We should be boycotting women. We should refuse to make eye-contact with them, ignore them when they talk, and regularly insult them in public randomly as whores.

If you see an interracial couple in public, go up to them and say, “you’re such a cute couple,” and then make eye-contact with the white woman and say, “your father must be so proud.” Then walk away. The black man will have no idea what it means, so he won’t attack you. He’ll think you’re just being friendly. The woman will know exactly what it means. Trust me, I’ve done this millions of times.

The coal-burner is immunized against all dangers: one may call her a slut, harlot, tramp, skank, it all runs off her like water off a raincoat. But tell her “your father must be so proud” and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

An earlier version of this article wrongly stated that Melissa Benoist is Jewish. She does not appear to be Jewish.