Super Tuesday: Biden Sweeps, Is Now Presumed Nominee

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2020




11:52 PM

Okay, well, I’m done with this thread.

This is stupid.

11:47 PM

Imagine spending $700 million and getting nothing but a nickname.

I guess the upside here is that Trump is going to be debating Biden. The debates will be like a scene from the old people’s home in The Simpsons.

11:37 PM

Joe Biden just posted a tweet.

And it’s true.

11:13 PM

Well lads. We all spoke too soon.

The jig is up. Zombie Biden wins.


A lot of those states he was not even projected to win.

He beat Warren in her home state of Massachusetts. He won ultra liberal Minnesota.

He is effectively the presumed nominee at this point.

The Bernie revolution is over.

Maybe this is all election hacking or whatever – I have no idea, and you can’t prove it either way, so the entire discussion of the subject is almost pointless.

9:37 PM

So this is the current status:

Maine back to Sanders.

As of right now, it looks as though things are going exactly as they were predicted to go.

Enjoy the love of the blacks, Bernie.

There are no more black states after this. At least not that I can think of.

8:50 PM


5:37 PM

Just so you know, two recent polls taken after South Carolina showed Biden surging, which has lowered his overall ranking on RCP significantly.

This could well be a part of a hoax.

5:30 PM

In Maine, they don’t know about immigrants and their feeding habits.

5:03 PM

So we should have preliminary results by 7:00 and 8:00 for most states.

Then I’m gonna have to go to sleep, probably. But I think we know that Bernie is going to win California.

None of the final results will be in until tomorrow morning, or maybe there will be more weird nonsense in some of these states and we won’t know for days.

But with so few candidates left, and the polls how they are, it’s probably going to be obvious in most of the cases.

4:47 PM

Hillary is literally out there shilling against Bernie live during Super Tuesday. She wants to keep everyone’s money that Bernie is trying to give back to us.

I guarantee you there are people who see this bitch doing that and are going to vote for Bernie because she told them not to. And I honestly don’t think even one single individual will see her saying this shit and be like “OH YEAH, HILLARY IS A GOOD PERSON WHO GOOD POLITICAL SENSE, I WAS GOING TO VOTE FOR BERNIE BUT NOW I WON’T.”

I don’t know why someone doesn’t stop her from doing this. I guess she has that much power.

3:55 PM

Kamala Harris is so much of a bitch she didn’t even endorse anyone.

She basically has a Hillary Complex, and thought she was destiny.

Anal Pete was smarter. He’s playing the long game, following the old homosexual axiom “there’s always another anus down the line to ram your penis into.”

3:37 PM

I don’t really feel strongly about “Not Me. Us.”

I would have gone with “Not You. Them.”

As in “it’s not you that is going to pay the price – it is THEM,” or “It is time for THEM to give YOU the money.”

2:51 PM

How is any single fat slob not going to vote for Bernie to get all of their problems dealt with?

Nothing about my life would change if doctors were free, of course.

But America is by far the fattest and most disgusting country on earth.

We also have billions and billions of homosexuals, who are riddled with disease.

These people all deserve free healthcare from the government.

I personally deserve other things for free, such as, for instance, free money.

Let’s all work together to vote for Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday.

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2:15 PM

1:55 PM

lol yeah Ronna already getting called a Russian.

“Donald Trump is working together with Bernie Sanders as part of the Russian conspiracy” is the best narrative the Democrats and the media have ever come up with. Love it.

1:10 PM

Did you know that Joe Biden is promoting the hashtag “#WeKnowJoe”?

What do we actually know about Joe?

We know he had some really good plastic surgery.

And has great dentures.

And he’s cool.

And he’s got three degrees, and is a genius.

12:48 PM

Mitt Romney’s niece is so fat. It’s just so offensive. If we’re going to do this “women in public life” thing, the least these sickening whores can do is look presentable.

Fox News:

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel on Tuesday doubled down on President Trump’s statement that the Democrats’ nominating process could be rigged against socialist Bernie Sanders.

“I think it’s going to be muddled coming out of Super Tuesday,” McDaniel told “America’s Newsroom.”

“It does depend on how big the lead that Sanders takes out of California is, if he picks up a huge proportion of delegates, but I don’t see anyone getting out soon.

“It’s leading towards potentially a brokered convention which will be rigged against Bernie if those superdelegates have their way in that second vote,” McDaniel said.

Trump told reporters at the White House before going to a campaign rally in North Carolina, “I think it’s rigged against Bernie.” Trump added that Sanders could still “pull through” and win the nomination.

I guess that inciting anger among Bernie supporters is a good move for the GOP. Although it allows the establishment to point to them and say that the Russian GOP is working with the Russian Bernie to stop the patriotic forces of the CIA. Or whatever.

Did you see that tweet from Ronna about the future of the GOP?

Why would she post that? Seriously?

Why would you attack your own supporters this way?

What are they trying to prove?

And to whom are they trying to prove it?

Look at this black guy talking about low taxes.

These are the people who did this to Donald Trump’s agenda.

We elected him, they took over, now it’s all about blacks and Israel and fighting socialism.

12:17 PM

With Super Tuesday underway, the GOP released a message to the Democrats voting:

11:27 AM

These are the numbers by state from the polling company “Data for Progress”:

TX: Biden +2
NC: Biden +9
VA: Biden +15
TN: Biden +7
AL: Biden +25
AR: Biden +13
OK: Biden +7

CA: Sanders +7
MN: Sanders +5
CO: Sanders +11
UT: Sanders +6
VT: Sanders +41

MA: Warren +2

So, Biden in the South (black people), Warren in her home state of Massachusetts and Sanders everywhere else.

10:11 AM

Klobuchar wants to make sure that you proles understand that the Democrat establishment is not actually the Democrat establishment. It’s actually dehumanizing to refer to them as such.

What they really are is simply shills for the ruling class.


Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar pushed back Tuesday against suggestions by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters that senior members of the Democratic establishment are lining up to thwart his ascendant presidential bid.

The remarks from Klobuchar came after she withdrew from the White House race Monday and joined two other former Democratic presidential candidates — former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg and former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke — in endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign.

“You know, I think, first of all, what was cool about last night is you have Mayor Pete and you have Beto O’Rourke, who electrified Texas in his Senate race, and myself,” Klobuchar told “CBS This Morning.”

“And I just don’t think we are the face of the establishment,” she continued. “I think we’re fresh faces in our party.”

“Fresh faces”?

Is this supposed to be irony?

Klobuchar is a pony soldier with a dogface that I would describe as the opposite of “fresh.”

Possibly “stinkface.”

Fresh Face
Fresh Face

Joe Biden is literally 80 years old and has been a “face” of the “establishment” for 50 years.

Why would she say this?

It’s actually ridiculous. Her move should have been to claim that they represent “stability” or something. Spin “establishment” into something positive.

Who the hell advises these people? 

8:32 AM

The best potential outcome of this election season is if pro-Bernie communists end up pogroming the blacks.

Surely, after Bernie ends up either losing outright or having the nomination stolen from him via superdelegates because he couldn’t get a majority, white American communists buried in student loan debts are going to have to recognize that there is one major reason that we cannot have nice things.

Like, is there some specific thing that keeps communists from being anti-black racists?

I don’t actually think there is.

7:21 AM

Apparently, the establishment plan is to go full Biden.

Fox News:

In a surprise moment at the end of his Dallas rally on the eve of Super Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden called former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke up to the stage — and vowed to put O’Rourke, who has said the government should forcibly seize assault rifles from Americans, in charge of gun-control efforts.

Also at the rally, Biden accepted the endorsements of onetime rivals Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, as the Democratic party’s moderate wing rallied behind Biden to challenge anti-establishment frontrunner and self-described “democratic socialist” Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

“Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow, March 3, 2020, I will be casting my ballot for Joe Biden,” O’Rourke announced to applause at the rally’s conclusion.

O’Rourke called President Trump an “existential threat” to “free and fair elections,” and urged rallygoers to view Biden as the “antithesis of Donald Trump,” someone who is “decent, kind, caring, and empathetic.”

You wouldn’t think you’d want Beto’s endorsement if you were Joe.

Because Joe’s biggest problem is that he is too cool for school.

When you add Beto into that…

…you get a situation where it’s like the school could literally spontaneously explode from the amount of coolness that is just too much for it.

That’s a couple that could get into some serious trouble.

If I was a teacher and I walked in on the first day of school and both Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke were sitting in the back of the classroom, I would just resign. I might even just pull the gun out of my desk and blow my brains out right there in front of the class.

I mean, if Beto is Bart Simpson, then Joe is John Bender.

Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke are double trouble on steroids.

6:11 AM

Here’s where we are in delegate allegation going into today’s event.

4:22 AM

First things first: if Bernie wins, this is caused by Russians.

Voice of America:

U.S. security and intelligence officials are warning voters to expect foreign actors to try to sway their views as they prepare to go to the polls in a series of key presidential primaries.

The warning, issued on the eve of Super Tuesday votes in 14 states and one territory, comes as a series of intelligence leaks in recent weeks suggested Russia, in particular, has been trying to put its mark on the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

While the latest statement did not single out Russia, it urged voters to beware.

“Foreign actors continue to try to influence public sentiment and shape voter perceptions,” it said. “They spread false information and propaganda about political processes and candidates on social media in hopes to cause confusion and create doubt in our system.”

The warning from leaders of the departments of State, Defense, Homeland Security and Justice – with the FBI, the National Security Agency and other federal entities – added, “We remain alert and ready to respond to any efforts to disrupt the 2020 elections.”

There has been growing concern in recent weeks following reports indicating Russia is seeking to bolster the reelection campaign of both President Donald Trump and a Democratic candidate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

U.S. intelligence officials have since denied some of the allegations – based on leaks from a classified briefing to lawmakers – that there is any evidence Moscow is backing Trump’s reelection efforts.

But Sanders told reporters he was, in fact, warned about Russian meddling. And since then there has been an increasing number of calls from lawmakers and former U.S. intelligence officials for the government to clarify what is and is not transpiring.

So understand: if you are a voter of Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, you are a Russian.

If you don’t believe you’re a Russian, then you are lying to yourself.

You may be – and in fact, you are – a Manchurian Candidate.