Super Jew Larry King is Finally Dead

I think I’m suffering from the Mandela effect, guys.

Surely, this man must have already died, before today?

New York Post:

Famed broadcaster Larry King has died, his official Twitter account announced Saturday morning.

The former CNN interviewer died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

King, 87, a multiple cancer survivor, had contracted coronavirus earlier this year, but it was not reported as a cause of death. In recent days he had appeared to be recovering, and was moved out of the ICU and breathing on his own.

So he contracted the virus at some point, then recovered from it, at the ripe age of 87. It’s pretty typical, actually.

What is atypical is that they didn’t report the cause of death as coronavirus.

One of the main ways they are stacking the stats is that anyone who gets recorded as having the virus is recorded as having died from the virus, even if it’s months later in a car crash. It is literally how the CDC coronavirus tracking database works.

Apparently, with high profile deaths, it’s too obvious. But in order for him to not be recorded as a coronavirus death, they would have had to have actually manually removed him from the database of positive cases.

Almost certainly, he has already been added to the official tally.

(At this point, I’m wondering if the official tally isn’t simply fabricated out of thin air. There is absolutely nothing keeping these people from doing that, and at some point, it just becomes a lot easier. It also allows them to announce whatever death toll on any given day like the weather report. “We’ve got a rough virus toll this morning, remember to behave in an especially anti-social way today.” Furthermore, just faking the death toll completely and not tying it at all to real people makes it easier to avoid people coming out and complaining that it’s fake. Keeping a real list of names leads to more people potentially accusing you of lying.)

Anyway, yeah, for those of you who are too young to remember, Larry King was some Jew on TV, who behaved like a Jew you would find pulling up in a van in your neighborhood and passing out candy to children.

King was most famous for his eponymous television show “Larry King Live” which he hosted on CNN from 1985 to 2010.

Over 25 years King was must-see TV for his long-form sitdowns with the biggest celebrities and newsmakers of his day. He interviewed every US president from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump.

In his final months, King’s life had been dominated by personal drama. After suffering a stroke in May, King became embroiled in a bitter divorce from his wife of more than two decades, Shawn Southwick King. It was his seventh marriage.

King also lost two of his five children in 2020. Andy King, 65, died after suffering a heart attack in July, while daughter Chaia King, 52, succumbed to Lung Cancer just days later

Wow, so three old people in the same family, at least one of whom got coronavirus, all died of a non-coronavirus cause.

What are the odds?

Larry was okay, by the way, as Jews go. I guess. I don’t remember him really doing much politics. He kinda just asked people questions. I’m sure if I went back now, I’d pick up on some stuff, but he was not a Jake Tapper or Rachel Maddow type of Jew.

I think he was just old school. Probably because he was literally born before World War II.