Super Friends: China and Russia Do First Joint Naval Exercise!

An analyst guy I respect told me a few months ago when the Bidens were really pressing the Ukraine thing and looking like they were about to start bombing that he didn’t think China would commit troops to the defense of Russia.

That made me sad.

However, since then we’ve had quite a few indicators that China is ready to ride or die with Russia.


Russian and Chinese navy vessels have completed their first joint patrol mission in the Pacific Ocean, covering a distance of over 1,700 nautical miles (around 3,100km) in a week, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said.

The landmark mission was aimed at maintaining stability in the Pacific region and safeguarding the maritime infrastructure of the two nations, the ministry said. It started last Sunday and successfully concluded on Saturday.

During the patrol, the Russian and Chinese ships sailed through the Tsugaru Strait between Japan’s islands of Honshu and Hokkaido. The Japanese Navy, which monitored their actions, said that the passage was carried out in line with international law and that the country’s territorial waters weren’t violated.

The Russian and Chinese military sailors also worked out joint tactical maneuvering and performed other training exercises along their route.

The patrol group consisted of ten vessels, including two large anti-submarine vessels Admiral Tributs and Admiral Panteleyev from the Russian side and two Chinese destroyers Kunming and Nanchang.

The patrol followed joint drills of the two navies in the Sea of Japan last week, which saw them conducting artillery drills, practicing mine defense among other things.

You love to see it.

They’ve signed various pacts as well.

Nothing as brutal as the NATO style suicide pact – no normal country would ever sign that kind of pact. That is just effectively signing over your sovereignty to the United States ZOG machine. If you can’t decide when you go to war, you do not control your own country.

But I think China understands that if Russia is taken out, China is then all alone. China probably could have gotten a bunch of the Asian countries they’ve financed to sign NATO style pacts, but they don’t really work like that. And I’m not really sure it would help much anyway.

I mean, I guess they could march an army of Africans they’ve funded against Israel.

That would at least be funny.

But seriously though – if Russia falls, the clock is ticking on China.

I think the only thing that the ZOG could really do at this point would be to start a thing in the Ukraine, drain Russia, get a bunch of Moslems to start doing bombings of trains in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and every other city with a train system, and then push for some kind of analist revolutionary movement inside the country.

I mean, even doing that would be a stretch at this point, with the state that the US is in domestically. But they could basically just force their Eastern European pawns – who are not totally faggotized like Americans – to fight the war for them.

People in like, Latvia or whatever, have been itching for revenge.

But if China backs Russia, US action probably is not feasible.

So China should at least make the US think they will back Russia. Probably, they should make some kind of declaration that they will send troops (not a blood pact, just a declaration) in the event that the US sends troops to the Ukraine and invades Crimea or whatever. They don’t have to specify how many.

I think China/Russia are going to win this conflict. With every day that passes, a war becomes less likely.

If the power poles officially flip, ZOG officially collapses because the entire concept of the US empire is based on US global military supremacy, and then we’re going to have a decade of cannibal gangs and so on – and then, we will be able to rebuild on a strong foundation of Sino-Friendship.

One might even say… Super Sino-Friendship.

Editor’s Note: Instead of trying to compete with Disney-Marvel by creating a “darker” universe, Warner-DC should have created a camp “lighter” universe. Imagine if instead of talking about the Snyder cut of Justice League, we were talking about the Wes Anderson cut of Super Friends. I think the whole culture would be a lot stronger if that had happened – which is likely why Jews didn’t do it!