Super Bowl Fans are PISSED at Having to Endure Shittiest Halftime Show in Living Memory

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2019

The official NFL upload of the Halftime Show of Super Bowl LIII, which happened yesterday apparently, is in the running with this year’s YouTube Rewind video for the most disliked video in the world.

Sportsball fans are mad that they were subjected to blaring ghetto rap when they specifically requested the opposite of that.

It never fails to astound me how much people hate what the Jews try to force on them. 

And I always shake my head at how naive I once was. I used to think that Capitalism was about making money. That money trumped everything, sorry kid, nothing personal.

But then I realized, I was listening too much to the opinions of petty Boomers and poor people.

Furthermore, upon reflection, I realized that the wealthiest people and the Jews, in general, are not, nor have they ever been “greedy” in the sense that they focus only on accumulating money.

As proof of this, we’ve seen time and time again that Jew-run companies and organizations are willing to lose billions of dollars to promote their agenda instead.

They’re willing to set up and fund hundreds of different activist groups committed to undermining the host population. Hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars sunk into their ideological pet projects – to get a disgusting AIDS-Jew and some ghetto apes on stage at the 2019 Super Bowl.

It’s the ham-fisted and myopic goyim who worship money, not the Jews. 

Boomers, in particular, are continually baffled by the trend of companies going #woke. They just don’t get how businesses could value something above money.

Sometimes, a stray feeling of pity bubbles up to the surface from my deep pit of Boomer hate.

Because they’ve been lied to their entire lives. Told that money was the most important thing, the end all and be all of existence, and now they’re seeing the lie crumble to pieces right before their eyes as multi-million dollar companies and historic franchises burn hundreds of millions of dollars just to send a message.

Money is just a means to an end. Most goys don’t have an end and they struggle to believe that someone else might. But all that money is now being poured into an ideological project that we write about every day – the destruction of the White World.

People who bleat feebly about them not wanting to kill “the Golden Goose” inadvertently reveal their materialistic way of thinking. The richest and most Jewish people have never cared about money. They put other things in higher priority – like screwing over the goyim.

I don’t know how anyone could have seen that Halftime show and not walked away feeling that something was very wrong about the whole thing.

This isn’t the stuff that the average football fan likes. 

Someone’s killing the Golden Goose that is the Boomer Bowl and 2019 may have been the death blow.